Powerful Speaking for Powerful Women

Tricia Karp

This is a touchy subject

I was speaking with a woman the other day who’s been married for many years and has two teenage kids. She told me she can’t remember what it’s like to feel sexy. She

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Are you one of “those” women?

A woman I love and respect recently described me as “wild, alive and dangerous”. It was a compliment. One of the best I’ve received. It made me laugh. But soon after I’d thanked

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It’s not a competition

Last week I worked with two female executive coaches to write and produce a promotional video for their business. They want to spread the word about a regular event they offer to inspire

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Powerful woman: I see you

To the woman who: Is sick of standing behind her man. I see you. Keeps quiet in meetings. I see you. Stays for the kids. I see you. Thinks she can’t. I see

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Stop promoting yourself

I’m running a workshop for a room full of women who’ve been told and sold they need to get better at promoting themselves and having a more powerful presence if they want to

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A love letter to Amy Taeuber

Dear Amy, I want to say this up front: I think you are smart and brave and filled with an extremely healthy dose of self-respect. We haven’t met before, yet I feel like

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