Powerful Speaking for Powerful Women

Tricia Karp

The Powerful Speaking Retreat – Uki, Australia


The retreat was so meaningful and helpful

I’m working on a project at the moment that requires me to be delivering a really powerful message to inspire people to make a difference in the world, and I just felt that I needed help to sculpt my message and to really connect with what I’m trying to say so that’s what brought me here. This retreat has been a really, really unique experience, it really has. It’s been so much more than a powerful public speaking course and retreat. I think that Tricia is just an extraordinary facilitator and leader who has a capacity to create an experience for people where there’s safety and where people can go deep and cut through their superficial message and really find their inner story. For me it was kind of unexpected to be honest, because the kind of speaking I’ve done in the past has been a lot more superficial and delivering information. This was really about delivering something much more deeper than that and it’s been really meaningful and so helpful.

Dr Elise Bialylew, Author and Founder, Mindful in May


I wouldn’t have missed this for anything

I’m a trainer and presenter and I spend a lot of time in front of groups. What I was looking for when I came to this retreat was something to take me to the next level, to kind of make me push the boundaries a bit and challenge myself. I got that in spades, in a really good way. I don’t think that much will change in my actual presentation, but in the way I connect and relate to people even outside of my work environment will change. I think the journey that I’ve gone through here is something that’s become a part of me, it’s not going to be something that I practice or a new skill, it’s actually part of me now. This has just been an amazing opportunity. The connections are so deep and so profound and the group of people that have been here are such a wealth of inspiration. I wouldn’t have been anywhere else, it’s just been a beautiful experience and I wouldn’t have missed it for anything. If you’re thinking of coming to a Powerful Speaking Retreat, go for it. I think what you get out of it will be very unique and different. Everyone will take away something that’s just meant for them.

Jo Tregear, Change agent, Coach & Educator


I’m now ready to go out there and do my thing

The retreat brought me into such clarity about what I want to say to the world. It was such a reminder that I’m totally meant to be shared in the world and my message comes through me and I don’t have to be the “perfect” package to go out into the world with my message. What an amazing retreat, what an amazing synergistic exercise in bringing me into trusting myself and being able to present comfortably and confidently what I want to share. I really feel more than even just the powerful presenting, as a person I’ve been given the thumbs up to go out there and do my thing. I’m ready! It’s been an incredible retreat for me.

Cyd Crossman, Sex Educator


I now have the courage to say yes to speaking opportunities

I work in the communications field and for some reason I had some sort of blockage about talking to big groups of people so I thought what a great place to go to a retreat and work through what were the issues behind it. It’s been amazing, it’s been a really safe place to dig deep into the issues and now I feel a lot more confident that when I’m offered speaking opportunities I won’t automatically say no or work out who else might be able to do it. I will seize the opportunity and have the courage to do it myself. It’s been a really nourishing experience on a mental, spiritual and physical level. Just book, book now if you’ve had issues with public speaking and you’re not quite sure what they are or why you do. It’s a place to work through it all in a really safe environment with a lot of other very inspiring women.

Kate Pembroke, Communications Consultant


I feel much more confident

As part of my role I’ve had to do presentations to both small numbers of people and larger groups and I had an experience that went really badly years ago. Since then I’ve gone out of my way to avoid every opportunity to present. I’ve reached the point in my career where I can’t continue to do that. In order to move forward I need to put myself out there and feel comfortable with public speaking, so I came to the treat to learn how to do that well and with confidence. I’m feeling much better, it’s been a growth experience which I hadn’t expected, and it’s the personal growth that feeds our ability to present well. I didn’t realise that but I do now and I feel much more confident. In the past I’ve avoided all-female forums because I didn’t want to be part of a group that complains about being a woman. It wasn’t like that at all, the focus was on stepping into our own power. Tricia’s ability to do that and pull together such a wonderful group of women was an amazing experience and I’m very grateful for that.

Lynn Bailey, Senior Manager


I’m dying to go out there and start presenting and I’m so excited!

I came to this retreat because I want to develop myself professionally and I want to become better at delivering presentations. I’m getting to a stage in my career that I need to be able to persuade an audience. Previously I’ve done a lot of training work that didn’t have the persuasion factor that I needed. After this retreat I feel wonderful, I feel ready to go out there, I’m dying to go out there and start presenting and I’m just so excited! I want to say what a fantastic experience this has been. The leadership skills I’ve gained have been invaluable, they have taught me to believe in myself as a leader. This retreat has given me the intellectual skills and the structure to put a powerful talk together but it’s also given me the confidence to go out there and own it.

Suzy Heremaia, Business Consultant


This retreat has been life-changing

Certainly I was nervous about public speaking when I came to this retreat. I found it very difficult to do and I would worry about what people thought of me. This retreat has made a big difference. It has been life changing, it’s allowed me to be vulnerable, it’s allowed me to be me, and to realise I am enough. I have found that it’s been inspiring, it’s let my light shine, and I thank you Tricia for being part of that and guiding me. The people, the connections, the synchronicity, everything just flowed and it’s just unbelievable really, I’ve never experienced anything quite like that that everything just worked. It was meant to be that I was here. Wonderful!

Susan Ashby, HR Consultant


I feel so confident now

I felt like I had so much life experience and information and it felt like this huge big jumble and I didn’t really know how to sort through it. I felt confused and very unclear about how I would distill it and share my message. I came here work it all out and create a concise life experience message that I really felt comfortable delivering. At the retreat it was safe for me to look at my gifts, and the things that were getting in the way of me reaching them. I feel so confident about using everything I’ve learned now and sharing my message and wisdom.

Suzie Balmer

The Reclaimed & Radiant Retreat – Ubud, Bali


I’ve discovered a new version of myself and it’s truly wonderful!

When I heard about Tricia’s retreat I just felt that I needed to go. I literally felt that I was called, that I had to be there, that there’d be something there that I needed for me, for my next version of me, so I did it. I trust Tricia and she made us all feel safe. There was trust between the other women too and love and vulnerability and human connection. I’ve discovered a new version of myself and it’s truly wonderful.

Michelle Kneebone


Tricia’s work honours the power and magic of women everywhere to change the world!

I have loved Tricia’s work for ten years! Whether one-one, in a group or more recently in Bali for the transformational Reclaimed and Radiant Retreat, Tricia brings love and light, along with profound learning and laughter! Tricia has an innate talent to teach and hold space so we may connect to our hearts, emotions, divine feminine and inner wisdom. I am always inspired and deeply touched in Tricia’s presence, and the amazing women she attracts, as she generously shares her soul’s work in the world. Tricia’s work honours the power and magic of women everywhere to change the world!

Kate Woodland, Director

The Radiant and Ready Retreat – Ubud, Bali