Powerful Speaking for Powerful Women

Tricia Karp

About me and my work

I believe…

The world needs your powerful voice.

There’s nothing wrong with you. You don’t need fixing. Deep down though, you’ve probably bought into the notion that you do. It’s not your fault. We live in a world designed to keep us quiet.

You are far more powerful than you know.

Powerful women’s voices can change the world.

Why I do this work

I grew up as a good girl pleaser who didn’t rock the boat because I wanted to be liked at all costs, especially by men.

As a middle-aged woman I’m fuelled by a raging fire in my belly to help create a world that works for us all. I’ve thought long and hard about how to best do that and decided it’s by helping more women to speak powerfully.

The Dalai Llama said the world will be saved by the Western woman. I only partly agree, because not just any woman can do it.

We need women who refuse to be silent and have claimed their full power.

We need women who care so much for our world – for children and other people and animals and the land and sea – that they won’t stand for injustice or destruction and are getting their hands dirty doing something about it.

We need women who can stand up and speak up and use their intelligence, wisdom and powerful voice to be heard and make the difference they were born to make.

I consider myself an agent of Feminine Power. I’m committed to working for this world and all who live here.

What that looks like is helping to amplify the voices of women who are doing the work to create a world in which we all thrive.

It looks like helping women to discover their particular brand of medicine and their message, and use their voices to spread it far and wide to make an impact – and a difference.

My signature 1:1 mentoring program, Athena, supports women to grow their visibility, impact and business.

I work with women who are warriors, pioneers, way showers and mavericks. Leaders, activists, healers, protectors, change-makers, artists, innovators and entrepreneurs.

Women who embrace their calling to create a new story for our world in their own unique way.

Women who are making waves because their mission matters.

Women who keep standing up and speaking up, even though we’re up against a culture designed to keep us stuck as programmed women, rather than Powerful Women.

The path to my own power has been hard-won. It has seen me in the pits of powerlessness for seasons at a time. Each time I’ve risen from the ashes, fuelled by self-trust and a belief in my worth and who I’m here to be in this world.

I believe that it’s nothing short of a revolution when we choose to own and stand in our power. And, we need one another. We need to be part of a community of other powerful women to support us as we forge a new path.

With so much love, I welcome you to this powerful speaking community.

About me – the official story

Tricia Karp is a teacher and coach with a unique talent for helping women claim their message, medicine and powerful voice.

Spanning three decades, her career includes work as an award-winning prime time TV and radio journalist and presenter, senior corporate communications consultant, voice artist, astrologer, executive coach, counsellor, Sacred Feminine Arts teacher, international workshop and retreat leader, and author of three books, including two bestsellers.

Known for her ability to create safe transformational experiences for her clients, deep intuition and humour, Tricia works with powerful women who are committed to doing good for our world to spread their message far and wide.

I’m here to help you be seen and heard

I do this using a combination of coaching and inner work to raise your powerful voice, and solid strategy.

For most of us, the path to owning and standing in our authentic power as a speaker – and then expanding our visibility and reach – activates our deepest insecurities and fears. Some are old embedded stories about not being good enough. Others are rooted in shame and fear about what other people will think of us.

Something magical happens when we discover and embrace our unique medicine and message. It provides a firm foundation for stepping into who we’re truly here to be in the world, and finding the courage and confidence to speak what only we can to make the difference we’re here to make.

This is soul work and it’s transformational. It’s also super practical and strategy-driven, to create your signature talk and market it to book speaking and media engagements and spread your message far and wide.

I help my clients…

  • Discover and claim their medicine, message and mission
  • Access their authentic power, voice, presence – and confidence
  • Calmly step into their full power so they can speak and own the room. No more holding back or hiding
  • Create their signature talk and develop a strategy to become known for it and grow their business and impact, without being pushy or “salesy”
  • Speak powerfully in the conversations that they find the most challenging, including asking for what they want, speaking the truth, initiating and navigating confronting conversations, managing conflict, and negotiating
  • Own and stand in their power and make the difference they’re here to make in the world

Your powerful voice is sacred

I believe there are people who need to hear what you have to say, and that your words will help contribute to the kind of change we all want to experience in the world.

I believe people are hungry to learn from your experiences, stories and wisdom.

I believe that powerful women’s voices will change the world.

The ways we can work together

I offer:


I send out a weekly-ish love letter, openly sharing what I’m learning about being a woman speaking powerfully. Because the learning never stops as we navigate a world where our voices often aren’t welcomed.

This is some of what my readers say about my love letters:

“I really enjoyed your thoughts shared in this email, thank you for being so open, for crafting beautiful messages and choosing to share your unique self. It creates a delightful heart-warming experience for others.” – Renee B

“I love getting your emails. This week I went to see my physio. He described me as a powerful woman! And I thought of you and your courses that inspire and promote us. I am feeling more powerful every day and I am very aware now of my power and I use it!” – Janette G

“OMG Tricia! You have NO idea how perfect this is/was at this time. Thank you. Thank you. Your timing is always amazing. Thank you for sharing this… this blessing.” – Kim D

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My Qualifications & Credentials

  • BA (Journalism)
  • Diploma of Counselling
  • Diploma of Astrology (AGE International)
  • Accredited Executive Coach Levels 1 & 2 – IECL
  • Sacred Femininity Teacher (Tao Tantric Arts)
  • Cert IV Training & Assessment
  • The Leadership Circle – TLCP, TLCS
  • Fierce Conversations certificate

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