Powerful Speaking for Powerful Women

Tricia Karp

To the woman who:

Is sick of standing behind her man. I see you.

Keeps quiet in meetings. I see you.

Stays for the kids. I see you.

Thinks she can’t. I see you.

Wants to be bold and own the stage and shrinks as soon as she sees the audience. I see you.

Can’t unfriend or block that pest on Facebook for fear of upsetting her/him. I see you.

Holds back from saying what she really feels about issues at work. I see you.

Pretends not to know. I see you.

Doesn’t put her hand up or put herself out there. I see you.

Makes her voice small when she’s giving a presentation. I see you.

Apologises for herself. I see you.

Doesn’t stand for what she knows is true. I see you.

Smiles and says yes when she wants to say no. I see you.

Doesn’t ask for what she wants. I see you.

Chooses the path of least resistance to keep other people comfortable. I see you.

Adopts other people’s ideas because it feels safer than standing for her own. I see you.

Changes what she wants to say because of her perception of whether or not her audience likes or agrees with her. I see you.

Shuns the spotlight. I see you.

Doesn’t call out what’s wrong. I see you.

Thinks confidence isn’t hers to have. I see you.

Believes she isn’t interesting or deserving of a stage. I see you.

Gives her authority to others. I see you.

Feels like an imposter. I see you.

Doesn’t trust herself. I see you.

Keeps taking anti-depressants to numb the pain of her marriage. I see you.

Doesn’t claim her authority. I see you.

Puts herself last. I see you.

Isn’t comfortable in her own skin. I see you.

Allows other people to claim her ideas as their own. I see you.

Says no to opportunities to speak. I see you.

Wants to please and be liked and puts that first. I see you.

Doesn’t speak up. I see you.

To the woman who wants it to be different, who wants more peace and freedom: I see you.

The program isn’t yours to live. Untie the shackles of nice, good, silent and small.

Find your voice. Speak up. Keep speaking. Act with courage and strength, and keep going, until your life feels like your own – truly yours – and your heart is peaceful.

I stand with you. We’ll do this together.