Powerful Speaking for Powerful Women

Tricia Karp

I was speaking with a woman the other day who’s been married for many years and has two teenage kids.

She told me she can’t remember what it’s like to feel sexy.

She said she’s not sure “down there” even works anymore.

Then she said, abruptly ending our conversation, that she doesn’t really care anyway.

I get it. I’ve been there. I was married once. And let’s just say that sex became far from a priority. And feeling sexy, in myself, for my own sake? Um, no.

This is a touchy subject.

I’m going there because our sexual energy is a huge part of our feminine power and us being powerful women. I don’t know about you, but no-one told me that. Not ever. And especially not when I was growing up, becoming a woman.

If you think you don’t really care about your sensuality or sexuality, I’m here to tell you that you are cut off from the most powerful force you have inside you.

Acts of sex aside (because you don’t need to have sex to access this power), what if I told you that your sexual energy is responsible for your creativity and vitality, confidence and presence, beauty and pleasure?

Your life force too, so much sensuality, an aliveness you likely haven’t felt for more years than you can even remember? So much more energy? A radiance that has people notice you and ask, “What have you been up to?”

If I told you that (I just did!) would you be keen to tap into this power? I thought so.

As daughters of the patriarchy, we’ve been conned.
Our sexual power doesn’t belong to us.

Nor do our bodies, especially what they’re meant to look like, and how we ‘should’ dress them.

Most of our sensuality and sexual expression is clasped in the hands of our culture or a partner, and if we don’t have one, then that part of us stays dormant, in waiting, for the right partner to hopefully show up one day.

So many of us have suffered trauma and abuse around our sexuality. So many of us fear being labelled ‘too sexy’ or ‘too much’ and shamed for expressing ourselves fully.

Most of us have no idea how innocent and beautiful and incredibly powerful our sexual energy is.

I’m here to tell you, the key to feeling most at home in ourselves is our sexual and sensual power.

It nourishes and restores us to ourselves and our freedom.

Expressing it is HOW we find our way back to ourselves, our meaning and purpose. As well as a whole lot more pleasure and self-love than we knew we had in us.

This is our ancient feminine wisdom, and it’s time for us to reclaim it.

My deepest wish for you is to know this power for yourself.

May you experience the beauty, magic and joy of your radiant presence (it’s awe-inspiring).

May you be willing to be seen and heard and expressed in all your power and glory – and received and revered for it.

Because the world needs more powerful women who own it in every way.

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With love,
Tricia x

PS Questions? I’m here for you. Please get in touch.