Powerful Speaking for Powerful Women

Tricia Karp


Own It: Powerful Speaking for Powerful Women

Own It teaches you how to claim your place at the table and ensure your voice is heard.

Using the POWER and OWN IT models, Tricia shows you how to master the art of creating powerful presentations for public speaking, ask for what you want, and redefine what women’s leadership means for you, on your own terms.

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Media Talk: 35 Secrets You Need To Know Before You Talk To The Media


Never has it been more important for leaders to cultivate trust and inspire followership. You can’t afford to “wing it” with the media.

Media Talk is your guidebook to winning the media game and sharing the messages that most need to be seen and heard, and, most importantly — received.

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A Woman’s Path to Power: Healing Self-Abandonment and Betrayal 

We live in a world that’s intent on telling and selling us who and how we should be. Our conditioning as women to abandon ourselves, play small, keep quiet, please others and hold back runs deeps.

We have been programmed to behave in ways that ensure we put ourselves last. We abandon and betray ourselves, neglecting our own wants and needs in favour of others. How can we even know what we really want and need any more when we’ve been so busy abandoning ourselves for so long?

How do we reclaim our power as women and become whole unto ourselves, so that we can honour our own desires and needs and have the intimacy with others that we long for?

This book is a wake-up call to the powerful woman inside you. It’s an invitation to undo everything that keeps you disconnected from your power and truth.

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