Powerful Speaking for Powerful Women

Tricia Karp


Wondering whether you really need another email in your inbox? Every week I receive dozens of emails from women who receive my love letters. 

Here’s some of what they say:

Loved your email this week. You bloody rock! xx ~ N.M

BEST EMAIL EVER!! Thank you, Tricia. You are speaking my language. Speak your truth, sister. ~ S.B

Go you Tricia. I can relate. I bet we all have a bunch of similar stories. Go passionate, authentic women! ~ U.F

I loved reading this and how you are publicly raging. Go you! Thanks for your elegant, transparent writing about your experiences and saying No to being treated in ways that are offensive to your values. Much love and admiration to you. ~ S.B

Loved your email this morning Tricia. I can totally relate. I’m still learning to find my voice and articulate my anger instead of stuffing it down like a good girl. My motto has always been ‘harm none’ but I also see the need in voicing our truth when we are not being heard or respected. More power to you Tricia! ~ T.M

I love getting your emails. This week I went to see my physio. He described me as a powerful woman! And I thought of you and your courses that inspire and promote us. I am feeling more powerful every day and I am very aware now of my power and I use it! ~ J.G

Great subject line. I couldn’t help but open an email that said, “I’m desperate and weird”! And it was worth it. I’ll be filing this in my ‘great advice’ folder. I’m getting closer to standing up, owning it and saying it. I’ll need this when I do. ~ S.J 

I love your desperate and weird. It’s you. It’s real. Great piece you powerful woman you 🙂 ~ N.L

I loved this Tricia – thank you for the tips and for being ‘weird’! You changed my life remember! ~ B.B 

Beautifully written Tricia and thank you for sharing. Absolute love and gratitude. ~ J. S

OMG Tricia! You have NO idea how perfect this is/was at this time. Thank you. Thank you. Your timing is always amazing. Thank you for sharing this… this blessing. ~ K.D

Thank you and wow! Thank you for sharing that very vulnerable and transformative time in your life. I loved listening to you speak just now. It really resonated. ~ R.J

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