Powerful Speaking for Powerful Women

Tricia Karp

A woman I love and respect recently described me as “wild, alive and dangerous”.

It was a compliment. One of the best I’ve received. It made me laugh.

But soon after I’d thanked her, I thought, “Have I become one of ‘those’ women?”

I’m talking about the type of woman I implore us all to become: a woman who’s powerful, makes no apologies for who she is and what she wants, doesn’t silence herself, doesn’t sit quietly on the sidelines of her life, follows her desires, asks for what she wants, speaks up, and owns her beauty, her sensuality, and her pleasure.

A woman who, on her own terms and in her truth, makes her life glorious.

Yes, that woman.

I write this to you well aware that our culture isn’t so keen on a woman who’s wild, alive and dangerous. It’s a culture that’s dished out piles of shame to keep us small, using harsh words that belong to the category of “too much”.

I know you know exactly what I’m talking about.

We say we want to be that woman. We say we’d love to receive that compliment. Deep down we know we already are that woman.

But when was the last time you let her out to play?

What were you doing when you were being wild? What made you feel more alive than you have in years? And exactly how, and where were you, when you felt dangerous?

Do you even remember?

In my Facebook group, a woman asked if the world’s ready for us in all our magnificent glory? Then she asked if she’s ready.

We need to remind ourselves that we shape our world as we step into our power.

With every choice made in the name of our voice, our worth, our unique beauty, our truth and our pleasure, we change the world.

Our own individual world and the world around us.

Make no bones about it. This takes courage, so much of it, and it’s far deeper than the type of courage that has you “put yourself out there” for a promotion, or stand up and give a talk to a large audience.

It’s the courage that sees you face yourself and reclaim all the parts that have been hiding in the shadows, often deemed unacceptable for this world.

The parts that carry your aliveness, wildness, magnificence and magic. The parts that, for generations of women in your lineage, haven’t been allowed to see the light of day.

When we step into this courage we’re smashing paradigms that are so ordinary and common that much of the time we don’t even notice them.

Because we’ve become so used to our pain of not being seen and heard for who we truly are.

We’ve become so used to our body hatred and shame.

We’ve accepted that our rage is better off shoved down.

And our silence? Well, it’s probably better not to rock the boat. At least that’s what we were told and we’ve believed it.

The path back to our power comes from restoring the Feminine in a world that mostly doesn’t even know what that means.

We face ourselves and we choose vulnerability, authenticity, sensuality and pleasure.

We can’t do it alone though. We need guides, mentors, communities of women who truly have our back, loving and cheering for us every step of the way, and who are walking the path with us and practicing too. It takes a lot of practice.

But you can start right now, simply by asking yourself this question: What would give me pleasure in this moment? Real pleasure, in your body, that makes you breathe deeply and sigh loudly.

Choose it. Do it. Keep doing it. And keep asking yourself, and choosing it and doing it again.

Then feel how powerful you are, and how much more meaning and purpose show up for you in your life too, borne so simply of your exquisite pleasure.

Let this be your first step.


Tricia x

I have a private Facebook group called Enter the Temple. When you step inside this sacred space, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with other women who are choosing their power, as I share my own path and learnings in the sincere hope they’re useful to you. We need one another to do this. Please come inside the temple. You are so welcome.