Powerful Speaking for Powerful Women

Tricia Karp

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Rave reviews from publications worldwide

I was invited to speak as a global expert on an international stage, and I knew there was something holding me back from how I wanted to project myself and therefore be seen, and I needed input from a professional to unlock this and give me some tough love. Working with Tricia gave me the skills and resources to tap into my blockages and release myself from them. She provided a safe and nurturing environment to overcome them. Now I can call on the tools I’ve been shown to deal with my issues and “stuff” which will invariably come up. And I have the confidence that I know how to handle myself in these situations. Working with Tricia was liberating, inspiring and energising. Best of all, I nailed my talk and had people queuing up to listen to me, and I received rave reviews in publications around the world.
Bec Brideson
Director, Venus Comms

I've done a TEDx talk

I heard Tricia speak and her presence and story intrigued me. Tricia has a heart connection with women when she speaks so she seemed the ideal coach to work with. The main outcome of our initial call was her allowing me to be vulnerable and confirm that the story I didn’t want to tell was to become my signature story in my signature talk. I then worked with Tricia for a whole day, the outcome being my signature talk written and my confidence to believe that I could tell my story confidently. Her professionalism, integrity and experience shone through all day. Tricia has empowered me to show up and just be me. Since working together I’ve done a TEDx talk and bookings for other speaking engagements are coming in. Thanks Tricia!
Annie Harvey
Coach & Keynote Speaker

I rocked the stage!

I just wanted to write you a quick note to express my gratitude. I met you at a networking function and saw you speak and was really impressed with your speaking skills. You engaged the audience in such a natural and powerful way. Having experienced public speaking myself in the past and having considered myself 'ok' at it but not 'fabulous,' along with my past talks being rather content based with powerpoint to guide me, I wanted to really stretch myself and become a 'speaker.' Very different really! I was offered a really exciting opportunitiy to be a keynote speaker at an industry function, amongst other nationwide and worldwide speakers, and naturally was 'crapping' myself, to put it mildly. I needed to accelerate my learning, and shift from powerpoint to storytelling with minimal notes. Yikes! Phoning you and booking in for your coaching was the best thing I did! You gave me the key things I needed to structure my talk and my mind before the event. I loved being on stage, and the feedback was encouraging! I felt like for my stint, I rocked the stage! I then booked you to train me in the art of workshops and the content was fabulous. I recently booked my first workshop with an external business that are not my office team!! (The beginning of my new coaching business). And on that note, I did a workshop with my own office team after you trained me and the feedback was: "You have moved from a boss to a motivating facilitator." That means a lot as if my team are motivated properly, that means I am steering a growing and thriving business. Training with you was like training with a friend, a friend who is a true expert in their field. You are encouraging, thoughtful, intuitive and motivating, along with being highly skilled in your field. I really appreciate your assistance, and look forward to sharing some of my future successes with you.
Valerie Timms
Principal, Timms Real Estate

Tricia provided the complete package

Tricia was highly recommended by a business colleague as a great resource to develop public speaking skills. The idea of public speaking was very daunting, filling me with trepidation and nervousness. What was great about Tricia is that she works holistically - not only was she able to provide a structure to the content and delivery but with the combination of her vocal training expertise and energy work she provided the complete package. Tricia is very approachable and professional, she genuinely cares about people and puts her heart and soul into her work. She is passionate about bringing out the best in you in a supportive and nurturing way, building your confidence and making sure you get the support you need to be the best speaker you can be.
Joan Knezevic
Business Manager, Dress for Success

The feedback has been extraordinarily positive

Tricia has run a number of training programs for our organisation. There was so much demand for the first one that we had to schedule another one. Tricia has a high level of professionalism. Her capacity to listen and understand the quirks of your organisation's environment, then tailor her work to meet the needs of the organisation, and then deeper still for the group, is fantastic. She comes with a deep knowledge and experience, a preparedness to research further (she doesn't 'rest on her laurels') and a wonderful fresh energy and sense of humour. The feedback from Tricia's sessions has been extraordinarily positive.
Justene Knight
Senior Consultant Organisational Development, People and Performance, UniSA

The workshop was life-changing!

I really didn't like speaking in public. It was really difficult for me. But something just shifted for me when I did the workshop with Tricia. It's quite magical, the whole process. I do a lot of talking for my company and this has made it so much easier. It's improved the way I present myself in meetings. I have more clarity and I get my point across. I still get nervous beforehand but I don't try to suppress it now, I'm actually able to do it and know I'm not going to die! I also tell my story and do my talks in a completely different way. The last one I did was in front of 60 strangers and I'd never been able to do that before. From that presentation I got a board position. That wouldn't have been possible for me before. Working with Tricia was life-changing.
Chantale Millard
Chief Financial Officer

I spoke without the need of notes

I felt like I had a powerful message to deliver but I had always been nervous at the idea of having to stand free of a lectern or speech notes and talk to an audience for 30 or 40 minutes. Working with Tricia has given me the ability to effectively prepare a powerful presentation, and the ability to deliver that presentation with confidence, and without the need of notes; something I once thought not possible! I have walked away with a new found 'zest' and self-confidence! Not just in my ability to speak publicly and powerfully, but in my belief that I have a story that is worth telling, and that subsequently, I have the ability to help others by sharing my wisdom. Working with Tricia was truly fantastic!
Hannah Davis
Australian Olympic Medalist

My confidence has greatly increased

Where to start… Tricia is incredible to work with. My expectations were far surpassed and my confidence greatly improved. I now realise that I have a lot to offer as a speaker and team leader. I’ll be able to own and feel proud of my achievements. I’m not exaggerating when I say that working with Tricia was life-changing. My confidence in my ability to sell myself to new clients has greatly increased. It was an incredible three days at Tricia’s workshop, and I loved the connection with the other amazing women who participated.
Dorothy Di Stefano
Founder, Molten Immersive Art

Tricia unlocked my potential

This year has been one of the best for me personally and professionally, and Tricia has been a big part of this success. I started working with Tricia when all I thought I needed was some help with my confidence around presenting my research, but her guidance stretched far beyond that. As a result of her intuition and guidance I have managed to completely change my career around and forge my own path. This time last year I would never have expected to be in the place I am today. Sure, I know I am the one with the research knowledge and I do give myself credit, but Tricia unlocked my potential by managing to rebuild my confidence after a long spell in a less than supportive work environment. She challenged me to write my own future. I feel blessed to have had her pop into my life at the right time. I couldn't recommend her highly enough to anyone needing guidance.
Dr Karen Nelson-Field
Founder, Amplified Intelligence, Winner 2014 Telstra Business Women's Award, Winner 2014 Newscorp Women in Innovation Award

I have confidence and reassurance in my presenting abilities

I worked with Tricia because I wanted to become a more inspirational speaker who had the ability to empower and motivate an audience to make a positive change in their professional career. Tricia gave me clarity about what my message should be and how it needs to be structured for maximum impact. It also gave me confidence and reassurance in my own presenting abilities. Tricia's very easy to work with. She understood me, my needs, and the message I was trying to deliver to my audience. I always felt comfortable with testing her advice and my new skills with her. It was a comfortable venture beyond my comfort zone!
Lisa Cook
Founder, Get On Board Australia

No notes and no slides: I would never have believed that's possible

One of the advantages of moving up the career ladder is being able to delegate. I became an expert at delegating public presentations! Tricia came highly recommended to me as the person to overcome my reluctance to be "seen." One Powerful Speaking Retreat and Media Training (compete with cameraman!) and I was off and running. Tricia's framework for developing and delivering my message with authenticity and the ability to just "own it" is incredibly powerful. I have gone from sitting in the back of the class in international training sessions to being comfortable being at the front of the class and speaking in front of an international audience without hesitation. No notes and no powerpoint - I never would have believed that was possible. I will be forever grateful for Tricia's safe guidance through the depth of self-reflection is takes to achieve this confidence. Not only do I highly recommend Tricia for her speaking, coaching and media skills, I wonder how on earth I managed before!
Lynn Bailey
Senior Manager Medical Services

I now believe in myself and my story

I wanted to work with Tricia to unlock my potential. I struggled to find the freedom and confidence to speak without notes and I battled with nerves, despite knowing I knew my stuff. Tricia is a unique talent. She is warm and creates a safe environment, but she applies enough pressure to push you into an unfamiliar space which offers significant benefits. The presentation structure that Tricia has developed is simple and was a revelation for me. I can now speak without notes! I can present an engaging talk at short notice and I can structure a meaningful presentation which my audience actually listen to and benefit from. Thanks to Tricia, I believe in myself and my story. Her approach is so different to anything I've experienced. It was eye-opening for me, and to watch other participants go through the same process was amazing.
Claire Nicholas
Corporate Communications Manager

The workshop was transformational

Before I worked with Tricia I didn't mind talking in front of people but I was very nervous about it and didn't look forward to it at all. I know now that I have a message I can share and that people want to listen to, and I certainly won't be approaching presenting with fear. Working with Tricia is an absolute delight. The workshop was so much more than I was expecting, and Tricia has a radiance and warmth and beauty that brings everyone in and makes everyone feel comfortable. The workshop was transformational.
Carolyn Parrella
Executive Manager, Terri Scheer & Vero Insurance

I wish I'd done this sooner!

I wanted to learn how to plan and deliver my signature talk in a meaningful way for prospective clients and key stakeholders. Working with Tricia was intimate, emotional, uplifting and inspiring! I truly understand now what my "value proposition" actually is. When I speak now it's from my heart and with confidence that my message is unique and resonates with the people I want to work with and the clients I want to attract. I wish I'd done this sooner!
Helen Janetzki
Director & Financial Adviser

An amazing speech in just one hour!

After spending just one hour with Tricia I was able to solidify and finalise a speech that I had been trying to put together for a year! She was able to help me sort out and identify the important stuff that should be included and then blend it together perfectly. I now feel confident that when I stand before an audience I will not only be able to provide information but also reveal my story and the motivators behind my business. I'd felt uncomfortable about speaking and trying to sell, and was worried I'd come across as too pushy or over the top. Now I feel comfortable to be myself and talk about what I offer in a way that will get results. It's exciting!
Marisa Punshon
Director, Miss Moneypenny Presents

I have the confidence to speak and behave like a powerful leader

Since your workshops I have picked myself up after an unsuccessful internal job application, applied for a new job which was outside my comfort zone and I was successful in winning the position, and put myself forward to be a team mentor in a national project. I won that position too, and as a result have just attended a conference including dignataries from Australia, Ireland and Canada. I felt confident in expressing my views and being an active participant in the proceedings. I've also been more confident in meetings and opportunities for networking. These things have been a direct result of your workshops, giving me the confidence to speak and behave like a powerful leader. Thank you so much! I feel much more empowered both at work and in my personal life.
Lara S
Senior Business Analyst

Tricia's skills are second to none

I enrolled in one of Tricia's workshops to help me address some work-related challenges. I am new to this organisation and was getting to know the culture and key players. The safe, supportive environment Tricia skilfully created enabled me to work through and hone in on what the real issue was - not what I initially thought! Tricia's skill in bringing together a diverse group of capable women and creating an essential safe space in which to explore, enrich and grow is second to none. Thank you Tricia!
Carolyn Ball
Change Manager

Big shifts in my life

Thank you again Tricia, I have made some big shifts in my life after our work together. I have realised that living out of integrity is detrimental to me. I am feeling so much stronger and clear. I realised that I need to set boundaries and I'm doing that. I am still kind but also straightforward and direct, perhaps for the first time in my life. I'm getting everything in order in my personal life and business. You helped me see outside myself and open up to possibilities that I never considered, and create clear plans, and now they're unfolding in my life! I've also just been asked to run a workshop interstate! Becoming clear about what I want has absolutely moved things forward in a very positive direction. Thank you for your wonderful sessions, I really value the work we've done together. I feel so much stronger and at peace.
Monika Browne

Excellent program!

A valuable resource for anyone who aspires to be a great public speaker. I would recommend this to anyone. I came away knowing that great public speaking is not about polish, spin, being a professional, having years of experience or having the perfect speech. The secret to powerful speaker is about having an authentic message and connecting with your audience. Tricia, your passion, insights and the very effective way you challenged each one of us to give our best was great. The techniques you presented were easy to grasp, practical, and clearly work. Thank you!
Danielle Dunlevey
Manager, National Material Supply, SA Power Networks

Significant gains in my business

I've worked with Tricia on a number of occasions to improve my leadership communication skills, including presenting at conferences and speaking to the media. Tricia is extremely knowledgable and professional, and has helped me communicate more effectively to make significant gains in my business. My time with her has been invaluable. I highly recommend working with Tricia.
Jason Gunn
Managing Director, Oliver's Real Foods

It was amazing to watch such significant growth

Tricia ran a workshop for our teams to become stronger communicators and presenters. It was a challenging and confronting course, and our teams loved it and gained great benefit. It was amazing to watch such significant growth in just two days. Tricia has a unique ability to tackle the big issues and get fast results in a respectful and meaningful way. Her humour and friendliness put participants at ease from the beginning and we appreciated her ability to push us. We were impressed by the way Tricia worked with people of varying levels of experience and confidence all in the same program. We thoroughly recommend Tricia and her course.
Yvonne Cloke & Paul Amos
Executive Officer, Barossa Lower North Futures, and Business Culture Leader, The Barossa Co-op

An obvious improvement in just half a day!

We asked Tricia to train our team of scientists to equip them to be more confident in their capacity to give great presentations. It's an integral part of their job, and they've always been nervous about it. By the end of the session, the improvement was obvious in just three hours! All the feedback has been extremely positive. The team felt that the training focused us to self-assess what could be holding us back from being confident in our abilities, and provided skills that could be immediately implemented to improve our confidence, all in a non-threatening environment. Tricia is immensely professional, experienced, encouraging and constructive, and firm too. She creates a sense of fun in what can be a very confronting topic.
Dr Natasha Harvey
Head, Centre for Cancer Biology

Profound changes to the way our staff think, present and influence

The leadership presence sessions Tricia ran for us were excellent. The women involved have talked about making profound changes to the way they think, present and influence people. I really appreciated how the sessions were so carefully planned and focused on what we wanted and needed. The variety and pace of the workshops worked wonderfully. Thanks for all your work, Tricia.
Wendy Teasdale-Smith

Amazing results in our business

When you meet Tricia Karp, you will discover she epitomises Leadership Presence. She is passionate about connecting with and inspiring others to develop their own leadership presence. I discovered this when I attended one of Tricia's workshops. She really makes you think about what you do, how you do it and WHY you do it! It was so thought provoking and enlightening that I organised for Tricia to work with other leaders within our business to improve their leadership presence and their ability to connect with an inspire the people they lead. The results have been amazing!
Vicki Bastian
National Human Resources Manager, NCML

Extremely valuable training and excellent feedback

Tricia ran a training session for leaders in our accounting mentoring program. Tricia is a dynamic and professional trainer with an ability to create a supportive and fun environment while pushing participants to be their best. She customised the program to fit our specific needs. The delegates found the training extremely valuable and gave excellent feedback. We highly recommend Tricia to any organisation needing to ensure their staff present with confidence and power to drive their business outcomes.
Trevor Clarke
Founder & Director, Focus Growth Strategies