Powerful Speaking for Powerful Women

Tricia Karp

Energy, Girls and Toning It Down: Power Talk with Sandi Amorim

Sandi Amorim has a special relationship with this word: someday. It’s a relationship so captivating and fiery for Sandi that it forms the basis of her coaching practice.  She’s not cool with you doing something –  like creating a brilliant life and following your dreams and shining as brightly as you possibly can – at some […]

Letting Go, Speaking Out, and Dancing: Power Talk with Julie Daley

I don’t say this lightly: Experiencing Julie Daley speak is like sitting at the feet of a High Priestess. Julie is deep and sensual.  Intense and oh-so glorious.  Soft and profound.  Her words issue a fierce alert:  Pay attention.  Listen.  You need to hear this. As a coach for women at Unabashedly Female, Julie wants […]

Listening, Presence And Shining Light: Bridget Pilloud Talks Power

Simply put, Bridget Pilloud is a seer. She has an uncanny ability to look at your energy body and chat with your chakras.  She navigates territory foreign to so many of us, and she does it in a way that makes you feel instantly safe and loved. There’s a warmth, generosity and “real-ness” about Bridget […]

Bums, Boobs and a Media Career: An Interview with Tracey Spicer

Sometimes I meet someone and enjoy our connection so much that I’m on a high for the rest of the day.  That’s what it was like to chat with Tracey Spicer.  She’s warm, generous, smart, playful, passionate and fun, and she called me mate.  I like that. I know Tracey best as the presenter on […]

Body Image, Botox and Power : An interview with Mia Freedman

You know Mia Freedman, right? She’s the editor and publisher of Mamamia, the go-to site for Aussie women that covers… well, everything. Motherhood, feminism, body image, career and politics. Food, sex, dating, fashion and celebrities.  Mamamia starts conversations and tens of thousands of people  join in, every single day. Mia Freedman has built her career […]

Stand Up, Speak Up, Use Your Voice, Be Brave: Ronna Detrick Talks Power

Desire, curiosity, choice, vulnerability.  For Ronna Detrick, these words speak of power. In our conversation, as part of my interview series for The Great Power Giveaway, those words spoken so decisively by Ronna called upon my powers of consideration and reflection.  And that’s Ronna’s specialty. As a spiritual director who loves nothing more than diving […]