Powerful Speaking for Powerful Women

Tricia Karp

Desire, curiosity, choice, vulnerability.  For Ronna Detrick, these words speak of power.

In our conversation, as part of my interview series for The Great Power Giveaway, those words spoken so decisively by Ronna called upon my powers of consideration and reflection.  And that’s Ronna’s specialty.

As a spiritual director who loves nothing more than diving into powerful, provocative conversations, especially about God and women, Ronna was on a roll.

She doesn’t preach or push as she shares sacred writ and revelations.  No way.  Ronna’s gift is her truth, her willingness to be real.  Especially in offering her insights about what it means to live somewhere between faith and doubt.

Deep and meaningful are always the promise of sacred time with Ronna.  I’m honoured to share her with you.

Listen to Ronna’s wisdom about:

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You can find Ronna here and follow her on Twitter.

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