Powerful Speaking for Powerful Women

Tricia Karp

It’s Christmas. Be Gracious.

Graciousness.  I don’t think there’s enough of it. So that’s why I’ve devoted part three – the final episode of my Christmas Talk Tip audio series – to graciousness. Graciousness is about giving credit where it’s due, being diplomatic, and sometimes holding your tongue and waiting for a better moment to speak. Speaking graciously is […]

Happy family boundaries on Christmas Day. Sound good?

Oh, the joys of Christmas. When families come together, there’s a tendency for buttons to be pushed, and bad behaviour to blurt out. Beautiful boundaries are essential. And they’re tricky for those of us who care deeply and value being kind. In the second part of my Christmas Talk Tip audio series, I talk about […]

For martyrs who want more for themselves: my Christmas Talk Tip series

And so this is Christmas. And I want to know: Are you a martyr?  Do you take care of everything so no-one else needs to? Are you over it?  Fed up? Angry?  Resentful? Stereotypical martyrs devote themselves to causes they think are admirable. The causes – and their beliefs about them – are more important […]