Powerful Speaking for Powerful Women

Tricia Karp

And so this is Christmas.

And I want to know: Are you a martyr?  Do you take care of everything so no-one else needs to? Are you over it?  Fed up? Angry?  Resentful?

Stereotypical martyrs devote themselves to causes they think are admirable. The causes – and their beliefs about them – are more important than their own wants and needs.

It’s time to smash the stereotype wide open with a hammer. And I reckon Christmas is the perfect occasion.  This time of the year is when martyrs bolt out of the gate with aplomb, preparing lunches, dinners, parties, presents…

Being a martyr is a way of escaping the stress, indecision and responsibility that come from being in charge of your own life.

To stop being a martyr, you need to:

And that’s where I enter the story. Your story, as you embark on expressing yourself – and your life – powerfully.

I made something for you.  It’s a three-part Christmas Talk Tip audio series.

Listen up!  Part one is right here:

Five minutes to a life less martyred.  What to say, and how to say it.  Just click PLAY:

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There’s more where that came from too.  Tomorrow: Creating clean, happy and healthy boundaries – with your family.  


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