Powerful Speaking for Powerful Women

Tricia Karp

What a group of kids reminded me about powerful speaking

I’m just back from three weeks in the USA on a performing arts tour with my daughter, Lila. She was part of a group of 55 kids who travelled with their families to New York City, and then a smaller group that performed on a cruise ship in the western Caribbean and then at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. I want to share the powerful speaking insights I was reminded of by the kids in the hope they’ll will help you to speak more powerfully too.

How to use speaking to build – or even start – your business

I’ve been reflecting on my first year in business, when I felt like I didn’t really know what I was doing most of the time because everything was brand new. I’d come from the media and then a corporate job, and had never had a business before. One of my strategies was simply to get known by as many people as possible. I knew I needed to put myself out there. I went to lots of networking events and had coffee meetings with all sorts of people. And I did lots of FREE speaking engagements. I did nearly 50 speaking engagements in my first year of business, gained clients from 95% of those talks, and achieved a six-figure income.

Trailblazer? We need you. How to stay on your path

Ever been accused of being idealistic? Rebellious? A renegade? Or wrong, mad, even crazy? I’m fortunate to work with all sorts of leaders who are pushing boundaries and offering new paths for the rest of us to walk that just might make our lives better in all sorts of ways. At times I work intensively […]

Want to inspire? How deep have you dug into your soul?

As soon as I use the word “vulnerable” in a powerful speaking workshop, regardless of who’s in the room, there’s always a noticeable shift in the vibe that feels like a dull thud before protestations begin. Despite vulnerability being a hot topic these days, thanks in massive part to researcher and best-selling author Brene Brown, […]

How to be inspiring

What is it about those leaders others deem inspiring? Having run powerful speaking programs for the past few years, and taught participants how to genuinely connect with their audiences – and even experience the delight and power of holding those audiences in the palm of their hand – I’ve noticed it comes down to just […]