Powerful Speaking for Powerful Women

Tricia Karp

How to use speaking to build – or even start – your business

I’ve been reflecting on my first year in business, when I wasn’t very strategic and didn’t really know what I was doing most of the time because everything was brand new. I’d come from the media and then a corporate job, and had never had a business before.

One of my strategies was simply to get known by as many people as possible. I knew I needed to put myself out there. I went to lots of networking events and had coffee meetings with all sorts of people. And I did lots of FREE speaking engagements.

I did nearly 50 speaking engagements in my first year of business, gained clients from 95% of those talks, and achieved a six-figure income.

The majority of my clients came as a result of me standing up at the front of a room and talking.

It makes me giggle a bit as a I think about it because even though I was trying to build my business, I didn’t go in to those talks with an intention to get clients. I was just happy to be there, meeting people, and getting my word out.

The fact that people wanted to book in to work with me was a lovely – and profitable – surprise.

It took me a while to realise it wasn’t just beginner’s luck, and I had a formula that really works, which is what I teach my clients now.

Watch this week’s video to learn how to use speaking to build – or start – your business:

Remember, the world needs what you have to offer. The more you speak, the more people you’ll reach, and the more you’ll make a difference and help those people in your unique way.

PS If you know someone who wants to speak and build her business, please share this with her, or spread the word on Facebook or LinkedIn. We need more women to stand up, speak – and serve.