Powerful Speaking for Powerful Women

Tricia Karp

How to use your talks to get more clients (and not feel like vomiting) (1)

This is NOT a video about how much money you’re leaving on the table (yucky marketing talk) if you don’t use your talks to sell.

This IS a video about how many more people you can help with all the goodness you have to offer, if you can find a way to speak that feels natural and comfortable for you and your audiences.

This applies to EVERYONE who speaks, by the way, even if you think you’re not trying to sell anything (you’re wrong).

Oh, and this is also a video about one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made that guarantees I lose power and connection with my audiences. I bet you do this too.

Before I say anything else, just watch the video. Please. It explains everything:

Which tip spoke the loudest to you?

For me, it’s a constant work in progress to stay true and do it my way, remembering that’s what keeps me at my most powerful – and gets the best results.

If you’d love some help and want that link I mentioned, here it is again.

The world’s ready to hear what you have to say…

Tricia x