Powerful Speaking for Powerful Women

Tricia Karp

How to use your talks to get more clients (and not feel like vomiting)

This is NOT a video about how much money you’re leaving on the table (yucky marketing talk) if you don’t use your talks to sell. This IS a video about how many more people you can help with all the goodness you have to offer, if you can find a way to speak that feels natural and comfortable for you and your audiences. This applies to EVERYONE who speaks, by the way, even if you think you’re not trying to sell anything (you’re wrong). Oh, and this is also a video about one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made that guarantees I lose power and connection with my audiences. I bet you do this too.

30 things nobody tells you about powerful speaking

There’s all sorts of advice in books, online, and being espoused in public speaking courses everywhere about what you absolutely must know to stand up on a stage and own it. I’ve been speaking publicly since I first sat behind the microphone at 5AD, the radio station that offered me my first journalist and newsreader gig at the ripe old age of 20. I want to share with you what I’ve learned during my 25 years in the game so you can focus on what’s genuinely necessary to become a truly powerful speaker, and ditch everything else.

What you don’t want to talk about (and why powerful speakers do)

The most powerful speakers understand that strength without vulnerability depletes their power. They also get that vulnerability is a strength. So they do what it takes to stay connected with their truth and they speak it. And they keep speaking, holding firm to the message that matters to them, regardless of other people’s opinions, judgements or agendas. Because the message is too important to buy into that. Far out, that message is no less than what gives them their sense of purpose on this planet.

From dread to excitement: public speaking made fun and powerful

Call me strange, but I love speaking in front of an audience.  I genuinely look forward to it.  I can’t wait to get up on that stage. I love it when people are so engaged that they hang off my words.  I love making people laugh and then saying something that makes them deadly silent […]

Self assurance, confidence, and what to do when you come under fire

I have a client who writes blog posts for a well known and extremely popular online site. She was tickled pink to get the gig, and her words on the site drive traffic to her already booming online neck of the woods. My client is a self-proclaimed activist.  She’s on a mission and you’d better […]

A beginner’s guide to asking for what you want

This is my intern, Sarah Voigt, who’s working with me at the moment.  She’s a final year journalism and creative writing student.  I thought she might have some useful insights to offer on my favourite topic right now – How To Ask For What You Want.  And she does!  Read on please… Tricia You have […]

Why most public speaking courses are a waste of time and money

My career has been focused on speaking exceptionally well – as a TV and radio presenter, voice artist, and public speaker – and training others to do the same. As a corporate communications adviser, part of my role was to train leaders to be better presenters and speakers.  I used to video tape them, give […]

Asking for something you want? What are you prepared to give?

This asking for what you want thing is a big deal. Time and again, women tell me they either don’t ask often enough, or when they do, they don’t even get close to the results they want. That means there are opportunities being wasted.  Financial rewards going to someone else.  Help not being received.  New […]