Powerful Speaking for Powerful Women

Tricia Karp

What’s the Wise Talk difference?

That’s a great question, and we can answer it clearly and simply.

At Wise Talk, as well as providing you with the skills and techniques you’d expect from a team of veteran communications professionals, we go one crucial step further. With inspired leadership as our aspiration, supported by many years getting our hands dirty in the media and on stage, as well as training and coaching executives, we know that you need more than the ability to follow a script and a set of rules to make an impact for all the right reasons.

We show you how to connect with your audiences in a way that positions you as a trusted leader, especially when the stakes are high and the pressure’s on.

We teach you how to shift past stress in the most stressful communication situations.

We ensure your new skills are embedded, by using adult learning tools, so that you retain them. Our leading edge programs incorporate accelerated learning principles for fast and sustainable results.

Our founder and director, Tricia Karp’s unique and proven Wise Talk Leadership Communication method takes the stress out of tough communication situations, and gives you the tools to powerfully command any audience.

At Wise Talk, we exist to inspire better leadership.

We believe that every time you speak, it’s your job to lead, especially in media interviews and presentations when you’re reaching large audiences.

Our programs are tailored to meet your unique situation and objectives. We don’t offer anything “straight from the box.”

We train your people, all together, on your turf. We travel so you don’t have to.

And we back up every training and coaching program with our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

That’s the Wise Talk difference.





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