Powerful Speaking for Powerful Women

Tricia Karp

Most of what I consider my greatest achievements involved walking away.

They came with a decision to let go, say goodbye, and walk – sometimes run – in another direction.

They certainly weren’t what I thought they’d be. The so-called glamour of presenting the 6pm weekend news on TV quickly left me empty after the initial high. Becoming a published author of two books, including a number one bestseller on Amazon, didn’t exactly see me jump for joy beyond holding my print book in my hands for a few moments. People applauded me for giving birth at home in an inflatable pool in my daughter’s bedroom – “you’re so brave!” – but it didn’t feel like that much of a big deal to me.

My greatest achievements came in walking away because of what that meant to me and what it took.

It took courage to say I want more for myself and what makes my heart sing.

It took willingness to stand in the fire of my truth and potentially be seen as having lost the plot, amidst many often too-loud mutterings of “What’s she doing now?”

It took the ruffling of feathers, lots of tears, trying to make peace with the unavoidable doubt and not allow myself to be overtaken by fear, and a deep trust that my truth matters and life always takes care of me even though it often doesn’t look, feel or sound the way I want it to.

My greatest achievements have been hard-won.

I imagine yours have too. They might have involved what it took for you to care for someone you love dearly who was ill, off the rails, didn’t want anything to do with you, or deeply suffering in some other way. They might have involved how you managed the death of someone close to you, a miscarriage, or your stillborn child. They might have involved what it took to navigate a profound turning point or transition in your life like a separation, divorce, a child leaving home, leaving an abusive situation, being bullied at work, parenting, changing career, or retiring.

You may not have miraculously recovered from an incurable disease overnight, survived being shot 13 times by a mad man, or climbed Mt Everest. None of that is necessary for being a powerful speaker.

You have a message to share and stories filled with wisdom that could make a difference for other people. Your words matter. Your voice matters. Your life, your experiences, and your truth matter.

We want to know how you came to be where you are. We don’t want glitz and glamour without what it took to gain them. We want real.

There are no overnight successes, but there’s plenty of extraordinary in the ordinary.

Tell us your story – from your heart as an offering to ours – and watch all of us in your audience sit on the edge of our seats revelling in the golden gifts you’re bestowing.

As women, our voices carry a unique brand of wisdom the world’s longing to hear. It’s a wisdom that’s rich with staunch values and integrity, a wisdom that’s so true, pure and hearty it sets the record straight.

What are your greatest achievements?

How will you share them to make a difference for your particular tribe (you do have one, even if you don’t know who’s in it just yet)?

Please, be a powerful speaker. Shift past what’s been holding you back. Do what it takes to be calmly confident, knowing you deserve your place on the stage. Discover your message and the stories that best support it. Share your message widely and know that you can make a difference. Step into more of your true power and learn how to own the room.

The world needs to hear what you have to say.

It doesn’t have to be nice. Just real. That’s the sweet spot for miracles – for you, and your audiences.

Unleash the most powerful version of your voice – and yourself.

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