Powerful Speaking for Powerful Women

Tricia Karp

When we know the truth and don’t listen…

Love. As you pack up your house to move, and clear all sorts of things that are no longer required for where you’re heading – not just physically but within your very being – you pick up and flick through an old note book. You find notes from sessions with your mentor, dated nearly three years ago. You chose that mentor because she calls you to truth and she’s not cheap. You want to invest at that level because you want to live at that level. You want to pay the big bucks because you care deeply about living your truth and doing whatever it takes. It means that, before each session, you feel nervous and sometimes scared about what might be revealed.

Assume equality

I’m fortunate to regularly present to different groups of women who feel safe to share with me their frustrations and struggles at work. From personal and executive assistants to future leaders and those in executive leadership roles, there’s a theme that’s come up time and again these past few weeks.  It goes like this: I […]

Happy family boundaries on Christmas Day. Sound good?

Oh, the joys of Christmas. When families come together, there’s a tendency for buttons to be pushed, and bad behaviour to blurt out. Beautiful boundaries are essential. And they’re tricky for those of us who care deeply and value being kind. In the second part of my Christmas Talk Tip audio series, I talk about […]

Why the small stuff matters when it’s time to say no

Self-care is giving your own needs a soothing rub with warm almond oil then wrapping them in hot towels, just like the long and gentle strokes of attention and dedication you give everyone else’s. So, when you’re in the shower, and your husband tells you (for the first time) that you need to be ready […]

Treading quietly is not the enemy of being a powerful speaker

The path from keeping quiet about what you want to speaking like a powerful woman can be bumpy. Once you realise no-one’s going to just hand you what you want without you asking for it, and you clear away what’s been stopping you from giving yourself permission to speak up, the inclination to turn up the […]