Powerful Speaking for Powerful Women

Tricia Karp

powerful-presence-training1.fwLeadership Communication Training

Presence is the it factor. To create trusting relationships and get others on board with your potential and vision, you need a powerful presence. It can be tricky to define though, and even harder to know how to cultivate.

This training course shows you how to develop a powerful presence so that you can communicate leadership in every situation, and inspire, motivate and get results.

powerful-presence-training2.fwWomen’s Leadership Communication Training

With a growing focus on getting more women into senior leadership positions, developing a stronger presence is more important than ever. Many women face hurdles that men don’t, including a tendency to undermine their expertise and authority, and avoid leveraging support and building connections.

This training course is designed specifically for women to help them shift past limiting beliefs and road blocks, and develop a more powerful presence.

powerful-presence-training3.fwPrivate Coaching

We offer private coaching to help leaders develop a stronger presence so they can connect with and inspire others. This is essential to stand out and achieve positive change in performance, and to communicate and behave with purpose, confidence and strength.


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