Powerful Speaking for Powerful Women

Tricia Karp

persuasive-presentations-training1.fwPowerful Presentation Skills Training

Boring presentations, over-use of PowerPoint and words forgotten by the audience as soon as the talk is over are not the domain of wise leaders.

This training course will show you how to craft and deliver talks that are focused and clear, inspiring and persuasive. You’ll learn how to connect with your audiences, command attention, and compel people to act.

persuasive-presentations-training2.fwSpeechwriting Training

To deliver the type of presentation that inspires and motivates your audiences – and gets results – you need to start with the art of crafting talks.

This training course will show you a simple formula you can use every time you need to put a presentation together, that will have maximum impact on audiences and save you hours of preparation.

persuasive-presentations-training3.fwPrivate Coaching

We offer private coaching programs for leaders who want to master the art of presenting powerfully, especially for high-stakes situations in which you can’t afford for it to go wrong. For CEO address, AGMs, market updates and results announcements, and important presentations to your Board or organisation, private coaching will bring out the best in you when you need it most.


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