Powerful Speaking for Powerful Women

Tricia Karp





A few facts

Every time you stand up to present to a group:

You’ve been in those audiences

You’ve sat there and started to listen to a talk that bored you after the first couple of minutes. You’ve glanced at your watch, fidgeted, checked your email on your phone. You’ve daydreamed about what you’ll have for lunch, remembered the phone message you need to return, and wondered how you’ll get that report done in time…

You couldn’t wait to leave.

Afterwards someone asked you: How was the talk? What was it about? What did you take away from it?

You shrugged your shoulders. You paused for a moment to think. It was ok, you said. Quite boring, really. Lots of PowerPoint slides. I can’t even remember exactly what it was all about.

What a waste

As the audience member? It was a waste of your time, mostly.

As the presenter? It was a waste of your audiences’ time and energy – yours too – and you gave away a golden opportunity to inspire, make an impact and get results.

You didn’t make a difference with your words. You didn’t move people to act. You didn’t inspire followership.

As a speaker and presenter, that’s your job. Anything less isn’t enough.

No more boring presentations

I haven’t forgotten what it means to be an audience member.

My mission is to rid the world of boring presentations, and ensure that every time you present, you lead.

I’m here to show you how to own the room. I’m here to show you how to tell better stories. You’ll come away from working with us with behaviours that better serve your purpose, more confidence, and you’ll be able to compel your audiences to do what you’re asking. My proven P3 Inspire method takes the stress out of presenting, and gives you the tools to powerfully command any audience.

In my training and coaching programs, I can show you how to write inspiring presentations, talks and speeches that make you soar. Or, one of my speech writers can do it for you.

Call us on 1300 733 258 today, or fill in the handy contact form on this page to talk to us about tailoring a training course for your team, or a private coaching program.

I work with small groups, and one-on-one with CEOs and senior leaders for high-stakes occasions, such as CEO addresses, AGMs, results announcements, and pitches.



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