Powerful Speaking for Powerful Women

Tricia Karp

One of the big problems I see for so many speakers is they don’t know how to make their audiences care about what they’re saying.

If they organise the speaking event themselves, they go to enormous effort to get bums on seats. They carefully craft their signature talk, do all the marketing – usually for weeks and weeks, and then, when it comes to the speaking part, they deliver their talk in such a way that it doesn’t pack a punch, build trust, or get new clients.

One of the reasons is because their audiences don’t really care about what the speaker is saying, even though they grabbed a ticket to be there because the topic, and what was promised in the marketing, meant that they’d leave the talk transformed in some way. That’s what they wanted. It’s why they invested their time, and money, to show up – for your talk.

It’s terribly disappointing, and a waste of your time and theirs, to make all that effort and not get a single client from it. Also, you haven’t made the difference you’re here to make for your audiences, whether or not they decide to work with you further.

I’ve seen this happen too often, and it breaks my heart.

I have a very simple formula for ensuring you make your audiences care when you’re speaking. Watch and learn:


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