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Tricia Karp

MediaTalk-3D-cover 35 Secrets You Need To Know Before You Talk To The Media

Never has it been more important for leaders to cultivate trust and inspire followership.

We live in a culture that breeds fear, perpetuated by the media, and sees so many leaders say the wrong thing in situations that demand their greatest response.

Those who remember the lead in leadership reap the rewards, and media interviews are your greatest opportunity to influence the largest audience you’ll ever have – the public.

You can’t afford to “wing it” with the media.

Media Talk is your guidebook to winning the media game and sharing the messages that most need to be seen and heard, and, most importantly – received.

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Take a glimpse inside the book

Introducing the Wise Talk Leadership Communication method for inspirational leadership, Media Talk: 35 Secrets You Need To Know Before You Talk To The Media combines intricate insider knowledge of the evolving world of media with principles of the art of leadership communication, learned over decades of direct experience as both an interviewer and an interviewee.

4 key strategies you’ll learn

1. A highly effective system to control the direction of media interviews. This is absolutely possible when you know how

2. Discover the 3-step formula for staying calm under pressure and taking charge, even in the toughest circumstances

3. Discover the secret insider strategies to make you the number 1 choice for media interviews to build your profile and brand

4. Learn my Wise Talk Leadership Communication Method to ensure you grow – not damage – your reputation every time you speak to the media, AND, inspire your audiences


What people who have read Media Talk are saying:

Tricia Karp has written the modern media handbook. Her advice and spirit, insight and depth make this book an essential resource.

Nuala Hafner, Media Personality

Don’t talk to the media before you read this book. Full of insider secrets from someone who knows the media inside out, Media Talk takes the stress out of high pressure situations and puts you in the driver’s seat.

Mark Robinson, Author of Winning The Wealth Game

Leaders can’t afford to stumble, stutter or say the wrong thing in front of the media. This book teaches you how to get it right by learning the crucial secrets only media insiders know.

Judeth Wilson, Author of The Inside Secrets of Powerful Presenters Revealed & Training Works!

The gift of Media Talk is its ability to show leaders how to communicate leadership in high-pressure, high-stakes situations. This book is a MediaTalk-3D-coversuperb resource for any leader in the public eye.

Dr Sally J Rundle, Author of Values Grid: Compelling Leadership Values

This is not your typical book about what to say and what not to say to the media. It does offer solid advice and practical tools for navigating the ever-evolving media landscape, including social media, but as importantly, it shows you how to communicate leadership in the most demanding situations.

Dr Karen Nelson-Field, Author of Viral Marketing: The Science of Sharing


Unlock the secrets to playing the media game, speak as a leader, and win.

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