Powerful Speaking for Powerful Women

Tricia Karp

This I know to be true:

So many brilliant and powerful women hold themselves back from fully putting themselves out there.

They have incredible wisdom, intelligence and expertise, yet they often don’t own it.

They’re sitting on a goldmine of experience and power that has the potential, when unlocked, to make a difference – a huge difference – for themselves in their own lives and for those they want to serve.

This I also know to be true:

The world needs more women to stand up and speak.

When enough of us take to the stage and talk about what really matters to us, in ways that inspire and persuade – and spread our message far and wide – great things will happen for the world.

But you can’t do that unless you embrace your magnificence first, know and embody the message that’s yours to share, and have learned how to well and truly own the room.

You need to become a powerful speaker.

Let’s make that happen.

Not just for you, but for all those people who could benefit so greatly from all that you have to offer.

It’s time for The Temple Talks

The Temple Talks is a public speaking program for women who are ready to stretch to the magnitude of what they’re called to do in the world.

They want to speak powerfully and publicly about what matters to them and what they love, in their own unique way, so that they can open hearts, inspire change, and move others to act.

They want to make a difference – one audience at a time.

To be one of those women, there’s work to be done.

I’m talking about well and truly letting go of everything that’s held you back from speaking powerfully.

I’m talking about nerves, stress, anxiety, and an overall lack of confidence.

I’m talking about stories about who you are – or who you’re not – that don’t serve you any more.

I’m talking about that voice that tells you you don’t have anything interesting or important to say (you know that voice. It’s wrong, by the way. One of my clients who said to me a few years ago that she didn’t think her message was interesting enough has now built an international movement. It’s the ordinary life experiences, crafted the right way, that pack the biggest punch).

I’m talking about worrying too much about what other people think, comparing yourself with others, and playing small.

I’m talking about shoving down what’s most powerful within you.

I’m also talking about creating new stories that honour your brilliance and allow you to express it, openly and generously.

I’m talking about developing a talk and delivering it in ways that see you hold your audience in the palm of your hand.

I’m talking about connecting with yourself so you can connect with others, inspire them, and make them want what you have to offer.

I’m talking about trusting your wisdom, sharing from your heart, and rocking the stage. Yes, unapologetically rocking that stage.

I’m talking about feeling excited too, and maybe even enjoying it (yes, it’s possible).

Let me show you the way


I’ve been speaking professionally for 25 years, firstly as a prime time TV and radio news presenter, journalist and voice artist, then as a public speaker, trainer and facilitator.

I built my business on speaking, racking up nearly 50 gigs in my first year. It was crazy. And it worked.

I gained new clients from 95% of those presentations without any sleazy selling or following a formula to hook people in and make them “buy now” for fear of missing out.

These days, no-one wants polish and spin. We want real because we want to feel connected.

Deep down we also want to experience the freedom and liberation that comes from speaking from our hearts and owning how wonderful we really are, in all our quirks and contradictions, our stories and experiences. There’s nothing more magnetic for an audience than a speaker who’s comfortable in her own skin. It engenders instant trust.

You already have what it takes to hold an audience in the palm of your hand. You just need to shift aside the roadblocks, discover the message that only you can share in your own unique way, and mine the treasures of your stories and other material that support it.

You also need to unleash the most powerful version of your voice, and yourself.

There’s something you have to speak about that only you can speak about. Believe me, the world needs to hear it.

I’ve been running powerful speaking programs for women for a few years now. They work, with results like these for my clients:

You can have those results too.

All my clients report an increase in confidence of more than 60%.

Let’s do this.

Here’s what some of my clients say about working with me:

I’ve done many public speaking courses but working with Tricia changed my life. Public speaking was terrifying for me, I found it really difficult to stand up in front of people and I didn’t think I had anything important to say. Working with Tricia has enabled me to fulfil my life’s purpose, and quite honestly, I would not have been able to do that without spending this time with Tricia. Working with her is amazing.

Kate Woodland, Principal, Fish Recruiting

I was invited to speak as a global expert on an international stage, and I knew there was something holding me back from how I wanted to project myself and be seen. Working with Tricia gave me the skills and resources to tap into my blockages and release myself from them, and she provided a safe and nurturing environment. Working with Tricia was liberating, inspiring and energising. Best of all, I nailed my talk and had people queuing up to listen to me, and I received rave reviews in publications around the world.

Bec Brideson, Director Venus Comms

I felt like I had a powerful message to deliver but I had always been nervous at the idea of having to stand free of a lectern or speech notes and talk to an audience for 30 or 40 minutes. Working with Tricia has given me the ability to effectively prepare a powerful presentation, and the ability to deliver that presentation with confidence, and without the need of notes; something I once thought not possible! I have walked away with a new found ‘zest’ and self-confidence. Not just in my ability to speak publicly and powerfully, but in my belief that I have a story worth telling, and that subsequently, I have the ability to help others by sharing my wisdom. Working with Tricia was truly fantastic!

Hannah Davis, Australian Olympic Medallist

You can read more rave reviews here, and watch video testimonials here and here.

Is The Temple Talks program for you?

The Temple Talks is for women who:

Why a Temple?

Firstly, you need to know this is not your average public speaking course.

I won’t try to fix you (you need to be found, not fixed), shove you into a box, or tell you how you should speak or stand on a stage.

None of that has anything to do with becoming a powerful speaker, and is the reason why so many traditional public speaking courses don’t work, especially for women.

Techniques can be gently introduced, as necessary, to hone and refine – but only after you understand the message you’re here to share, have uncovered the stories that best support it, and have to learnt to access what I call your “power zone”.

We’ll work together from the inside out. And we’ll do it in sacred space, in the Temple.


There are qualities and opportunities sacred space offers that are beautifully aligned with becoming a powerful speaker.

Sacred space creates a uniquely safe and supportive environment that allows you to blossom in all your glory, speaking from your heart, without worrying that you’ll be judged or criticised.

This is crucial for gaining greater comfort in your own skin, genuine confidence, and the strength required to own the room.

The best speakers know themselves exceptionally well. They’ve dug deep to discover their message and the stories that best support it. This happens naturally in sacred space, as does the realisation that you already know how to connect with your audiences and inspire them.

I promise you, you’ll be working with a group of other dynamic and inspiring women who are as invested in your success as you are – and I am.

What we’ll do together

We’ll spend four days together preparing you to stand up on a stage and deliver the talk of your life to an audience who can’t wait to receive all the wisdom you have to offer.

But first, a few weeks before we meet for our workshop, you’ll have a 90 minute private coaching session with me over the phone to nail your message, and start crafting your talk. Then, by the time you arrive at The Temple Talks program, you’ll have a talk that’s ready to go.

During our time together as a group we’ll focus on:

You’ll walk away with:


In every program I’ve run that’s seen women stand on a stage and deliver a talk to a live audience I’ve received so many messages after from the people who sat in the room.

They’ve told me they’ve never been so touched, moved or inspired by any speaker before. They’ve said they learned more about life from those talks than they had all year. One audience member told me she was grateful to be in the presence of such wise women who shared their expertise so heartily and generously, and she’d take so much back into her daily life.

You can make a difference with your message and life experiences. During The Temple Talks, you will. And it might just stretch beyond the room in the most surprising and delightful ways.

After three days of working together as a group to hone the delivery of your talk, you’ll present it to a live audience on the fourth day.

Your make-up will be done by a professional artist. Your hair will be styled by a hairdresser. You’ll look and feel fabulous.

We’ll invite the audience in to our Temple to worship you for the gifts you’ll so graciously offer with all the wisdom and intelligence you deliver in your talk.

You’ll be blown away by how you speak. You’ll also be blown away by how you’re received by the audience.

You need to know that you’ll be so ready by the time you take to the stage. Trust me on that.

You’ll be applauded in ways you likely haven’t been before. And, you’ll let it in to your heart in ways you likely haven’t before.

Your talk will be filmed by my cameraman, and you’ll receive a professionally-produced video you can use in any way you like. It’s a perfect marketing tool to spread your message, and create more speaking opportunities.

I guarantee you, there is no powerful public speaking program like this anywhere.

I engaged Tricia to assist me with designed a speaking business, primarily to take my life story and share it so that it would serve others in their own lives. Tricia had the knowledge and experience to do this effectively and in no time we had the platform displayed. I went on to write my speech with her, and then my workshop and book based on working with Tricia. I was impressed with her ability to guide me through the exact procedure needed in a supremely organised manner and that she had the right attitude to instil confidence in my ability. I have no hesitation is recommending the skills of Tricia Karp to any potential speaker.

Ruth Barker, Inspirational Speaker & Author

When I started working with Tricia I knew what I wanted to say but just had no idea how to structure my speech or where to begin. Tricia helped me put together all the pieces of the puzzle into one flowing talk. I learnt how to speak from a place of ‘realness’. What shifted for me most was knowing I can present in front of an audience without notes, and just go for it and feel confident that what I’m saying will impact people positively. After working with Tricia, nothing is holding me back. There are no limits, and I control where I go from here. I’m confident, self-assured, and at ease with who I am.

Taryn Brumfitt, Author, Speaker & Founder, Body Image Movement

Working with Tricia has reminded me about the importance of speaking from my heart, and that’s what engages people, and not to be afraid to do that. Working with Tricia is a really safe, beautiful experience, and she’s a great model for me to see somebody who is talking to us from her genuine self with her authenticity and her compassion. I found that to be critical as well. Tricia walks that talk.

Nicola Lipscombe, Founder, Powerful Listening

Who this is not for

The Temple Talks program isn’t for everyone.

It’s not for women who:

If you commit to giving it your all, this program has the potential to transform your life – and launch you as a public speaker, if that’s what you want.

You can be a beginner or a seasoned presenter. The essential ingredient for everyone who attends is the willingness to bravely give it your all.

I promise you, it’ll be so worth it.

Your Investment & Next Steps

Registration is now open for The Temple Talks, September 15-18, 2016 – in Adelaide, SA.

It’s happening at The Monastery Function Centre, 15 Cross Road, Glen Osmond. There is plenty of easy on-site car parking.

The workshop runs from 9am for the first three days, with a flexible finishing time between 5-6pm. You’re welcome to arrive from 8.30am to make a cup of tea and settle in.

On the final day you’ll be required for an earlier start. I’ll confirm details with you closer to the start of the workshop.

Upon registration you’ll be sent more information, including a questionnaire and details on how to prepare for our time together and what you need to bring.

If you are coming from outside Adelaide, we can help you with easy and convenient accommodation options. Feel free to email my support team at support{at}wisetalk.com.au.

Cancellation Policy

Registration for this program is non-refundable and non-transferable.

On this website, you’ll find plenty of information to help you make an informed decision. If you still have questions, you’re welcome to contact me directly.

Before you register, please read all of the program information to make sure The Temple Talks is right for you. By clicking on one of the Registration buttons below, you acknowledge that you accept these terms.


Your investment is $4500 + GST.

Your investment includes all tuition, a 90 minute private coaching session, yummy lunches, morning and afternoon teas, hair and make-up styling, and a professionally produced video.

There’ll also be a group call three weeks after our time together so you can ask any questions and get support. The call will happen on October 11.

There are strictly limited spaces for this program. I keep the numbers in the group small so I can create a more intimate and powerful learning experience.

You have 3 easy investment options:

Option 1: Secure My Place

(Deposit of $895)

* The remaining investment is due 14 days prior to the workshop

Option 2: Easy Payment Plan

(5 monthly payments of $750 + GST). This payment plan is available for bookings before March 30.

Option 3: Full Investment

(1 Single Investment of $4500 + GST)

If you know this is for you, then take action and secure your place now. There are limited spaces available.

If you’d like to do a foundation program before stepping in to The Temple Talks, check out The Powerful Speaking Circle and The Story Temple Writing Retreat in Bali. These will set you up beautifully for stepping in to The Temple Talks.

I’m also offering a significant saving if you decide to step in to all 3 programs. Please click here to learn more.

If you have any questions at all, please enquire now.