Powerful Speaking for Powerful Women

Tricia Karp

I want to tell you about David.

We met over the phone. Our encounter has stuck with me and inspired me to share some of our conversations with you.

When I phoned David, he was expecting my call. His business partner had asked me to call him. Our conversation went something like this:

Me: “Hi David, this is Tricia Karp. Sandra suggested I call you today. Did she tell you about me?”

David: “Oh, Tricia, not only did Sandra tell me about you, she told me how wonderful and clever you are!”

Me: (with a giggle) “Well that’s what I like to hear!”

And so the conversation unfolded. We connected and got down to business. It was a no-nonsense conversation, and it was fun too, and warm and toasty. I instantly trusted David.

He shared with me that he enjoys building relationships, and something he does that works really well for him is choosing someone, each day, to email. He said people always open his emails because they’re interesting. I asked him what he does to make them so. Here’s what he said:

“I share a joke, or write about something that’s happening or in the news, and I always make it interesting. People comment that they love opening my emails. They always open my emails!”

Here’s how one of his recent emails to me started: “A top of the morning to you Tricia! Hope your universe is spinning with love and joy, it’s such a lovely morn in Sydney too, early birds on the lawn though there is plenty of crumbs they seem to have a penchant to squabble and muck about…”

David is a supreme connector. He has an endearing way of engaging people, and a presence that’s not only a delight to encounter, but immediately engenders trust.

In a world of same-ness, and so-called rights and wrongs about communicating – especially in business – David stands out and is memorable – for all the right reasons.

What will you do to connect with your people on your chosen stage so that you engender trust, and are memorable?

How will you use the David principle?