Powerful Speaking for Powerful Women

Tricia Karp

When we know the truth and don’t listen…

Love. As you pack up your house to move, and clear all sorts of things that are no longer required for where you’re heading – not just physically but within your very being – you pick up and flick through an old note book. You find notes from sessions with your mentor, dated nearly three years ago. You chose that mentor because she calls you to truth and she’s not cheap. You want to invest at that level because you want to live at that level. You want to pay the big bucks because you care deeply about living your truth and doing whatever it takes. It means that, before each session, you feel nervous and sometimes scared about what might be revealed.

What happens when you disconnect from your power, and why it’s not worth it

If life imitates art, then I’ve been doing some, well, big, fat imitating. After filming an interview in which I spoke about what I do to stay connected with my power, I had a few days of not doing what it takes to stay connected with my power. Disowning my power (because that’s exactly what I was doing) felt oddly comforting (even though it hurt), as though I could have more control over things that are beyond my control. We do that. We distract ourselves, buy into what’s not our truth, and pretend not to know. We tell ourselves stories that aren’t true, and we believe them.

What you don’t say

It’s so easy to hide. Apart from your beliefs about what you should and shouldn’t say – buying in to other people’s opinions, ideals and expectations – the world offers a plethora of theme parks bursting with temptation to keep you disconnected from yourself. Supermarket aisles with pre-packaged food containing ingredients denoted by numbers and […]