Powerful Speaking for Powerful Women

Tricia Karp

I have such admiration for these women… for you

In a moment of reflection, and as my focus shifts to visioning and plans for a new year, my mind turns to the women I’ve been privileged to work with and support this year… The woman who’s a partner in a law firm – one of just a couple of women in a team of […]

Why and how powerful speakers tell people what to do

My daughter doesn’t like being told what to do.  In fact, in our household of three rather strong characters, no-one likes being told what to do.  My darling girl’s usual response to a directive (more so to one of her dad’s than mine) is: You’re not the boss of me! Just for the record, she […]

Eye Contact: Look at me please!

This is my daughter playing a mini green giant in a kids’ performance of Ella Enchanted last week.  Shows like these warm the cockles of my heart.  I love watching my girl on stage, even though she forgets half the words in the songs and lots of the dance steps. Which is why, she told […]

What’s your care factor? Your audiences need to know

How many times have you sat through a presentation so boring that your mind started wandering and your attention was so far away from the presenter that you didn’t even know – or care – what he or she was talking about? How many times have you walked out of a presentation and forgotten, as […]

The essential components of powerful speaking: Courage and Leadership

Do you know what you’re here to offer? When you give you a presentation – or speak about what’s important to you in any situation – do you hold back? Do you tell yourself that what you have to say probably isn’t that important anyway? Do you err on the side of trying to keep […]

Searing Honesty, Sexy Moves and Standing Firm: Power Talk with Dyana Valentine

I have a lot of time for Dyana Valentine. She calls herself an oracle, outlaw, and instigator, and you’d better believe it’s true. Fiery, punchy, alarmingly intuitive and committed to pushing you to the edge of what you thought possible and making damn sure you follow through, Dy works internationally with people already playing big […]