Powerful Speaking for Powerful Women

Tricia Karp

Asking for something you want? What are you prepared to give?

This asking for what you want thing is a big deal. Time and again, women tell me they either don’t ask often enough, or when they do, they don’t even get close to the results they want. That means there are opportunities being wasted.  Financial rewards going to someone else.  Help not being received.  New […]

Assume equality

I’m fortunate to regularly present to different groups of women who feel safe to share with me their frustrations and struggles at work. From personal and executive assistants to future leaders and those in executive leadership roles, there’s a theme that’s come up time and again these past few weeks.  It goes like this: I […]

The art of the ask

A favour.  A pay rise.  A new project.  An opportunity. Want it?  Then ask for it.  Be bold. I work with a lot of women, and know quite a few more, who don’t ask.  They don’t like to.  It’s as if they believe that if they ask, they’re being a nuisance, or making life difficult […]

10 tips for being an amazing networker

Who are your allies? I know who mine are.  One is the woman who started sharing my articles on Twitter.  I noticed we live in the same city.  I looked up her website and on the spur of the moment I rang her to say thank you and hello.  We chatted and emailed a couple […]