Powerful Speaking for Powerful Women

Tricia Karp

30 things nobody tells you about powerful speaking

There’s all sorts of advice in books, online, and being espoused in public speaking courses everywhere about what you absolutely must know to stand up on a stage and own it. I’ve been speaking publicly since I first sat behind the microphone at 5AD, the radio station that offered me my first journalist and newsreader gig at the ripe old age of 20. I want to share with you what I’ve learned during my 25 years in the game so you can focus on what’s genuinely necessary to become a truly powerful speaker, and ditch everything else.

Asking for something you want? What are you prepared to give?

This asking for what you want thing is a big deal. Time and again, women tell me they either don’t ask often enough, or when they do, they don’t even get close to the results they want. That means there are opportunities being wasted.  Financial rewards going to someone else.  Help not being received.  New […]

The art of the ask

A favour.  A pay rise.  A new project.  An opportunity. Want it?  Then ask for it.  Be bold. I work with a lot of women, and know quite a few more, who don’t ask.  They don’t like to.  It’s as if they believe that if they ask, they’re being a nuisance, or making life difficult […]

Not everyone will like you. Speak anyway.

Not everyone will like you. You know that.  Your mind comprehends it.  So why does the fear or rejection stretch all the way to the moon when you have to stand up in front of an audience? A few months back I spoke at a paper bag lunch.  I’d been invited by a consultant to […]

Why and how powerful speakers tell people what to do

My daughter doesn’t like being told what to do.  In fact, in our household of three rather strong characters, no-one likes being told what to do.  My darling girl’s usual response to a directive (more so to one of her dad’s than mine) is: You’re not the boss of me! Just for the record, she […]

Eye Contact: Look at me please!

This is my daughter playing a mini green giant in a kids’ performance of Ella Enchanted last week.  Shows like these warm the cockles of my heart.  I love watching my girl on stage, even though she forgets half the words in the songs and lots of the dance steps. Which is why, she told […]

The essential components of powerful speaking: Courage and Leadership

Do you know what you’re here to offer? When you give you a presentation – or speak about what’s important to you in any situation – do you hold back? Do you tell yourself that what you have to say probably isn’t that important anyway? Do you err on the side of trying to keep […]

Do you come across as a fake?

It wasn’t the first time these words have been said to me recently: A lot of business women aren’t comfortably natural or self-confident. I was speaking with a man I trust and respect.  He’s honest, direct, and a highly skilled relationship builder.  He picks up the phone, every time, instead of flicking off an email. […]