Powerful Speaking for Powerful Women

Tricia Karp

Assume equality

I’m fortunate to regularly present to different groups of women who feel safe to share with me their frustrations and struggles at work. From personal and executive assistants to future leaders and those in executive leadership roles, there’s a theme that’s come up time and again these past few weeks.  It goes like this: I […]

The conversations you don’t want to have… and why they’re good.

Tough.  Difficult.  Confronting.  Conversations that conjure fear and trepidation before they even begin. Confronting Conversations is a topic I’m frequently asked to speak about.  After my first presentation to a women’s mentoring group, news spread like wild fire, and I’ve been invited to other groups again and again. It doesn’t surprise me.  There are two […]

Kissing, crocodiles and speaking up

As a guide to help you discover and speak your truth – rattling my tambourine to help you stop saying yes when you mean no, asking for permission, justifying and  apologising for yourself – I thought it apt to have a look at how my daughter, who’s 6, is travelling in the speak-up stakes. Boundaries […]