Powerful Speaking for Powerful Women

Tricia Karp

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I believe, at our core, we want the freedom to be ourselves and speak up.

I believe the world needs more women to stand up and speak, especially about what really matters.

I believe you have something to say and it matters.

I believe there’s nothing wrong with you. You don’t need fixing. But deep down, you’ve probably bought into the notion that you do. It likely permeates your ideas, assumptions, habits and beliefs about yourself, and the way you stand up and speak – or keep your mouth shut.

I believe there are people hungry to learn from your experiences, stories and wisdom.

I believe you are powerful beyond measure.

I believe that women’s voices can change the world.

Is it time for you to speak powerfully?

Speak Powerfully! is not your average public speaking course.

I’ll say it again: Speak Powerfully! isn’t your average public speaking course.

There are no tired techniques. You won’t be shoved into a box of how a public speaker “should” present.

I’m not here to fix you (there’s nothing wrong with you).

I am here to help you express more of who you are.

I’m here to help you own the room.

I’m here to help you discover and develop your natural strengths as a speaker.

I’m here to help you speak with wisdom and intelligence, and access unprecedented levels of confidence.

I’m here to help you connect with your audiences, so you can inspire, motivate and persuade people, and make a difference with your words.

I’m committed to helping you shine. The world needs you.

I see so many brilliant women hold themselves back

They have incredible expertise, intelligence and wisdom to share.  And yet, they:

I know what that’s like…

For years I’d wanted my own business but was terrified to put myself out there, thinking no-one would pay to work with me.

And then when the moment came – finally, after six months of working with a mentor – that I decided to own my gifts and talents, get clear on my message and create the work I love doing, doors started to open and clients aligned with my message began to turn up.

I’m committed to helping women develop their power and leadership.

Being a powerful speaker is only possible when you gain clarity about what you stand for and the message you are here to deliver. It takes courage, and it’s potentially life-changing.

I work with and support the most inspiring women who are saying yes to themselves and sharing their message with the audiences who most need to hear it. I’m regularly invited to speak to female leaders and those aspiring to be. I work with amazing women who want to share their experiences and lessons to inspire, motivate and persuade people.

These days, I feel free to speak, to put myself out there, and own who I am and what I’m here for.  It’s a wonderful feeling.

I’ve learned that playing small is so much more uncomfortable than stepping into more of our power. It feels freeing and exhilarating. And you become part of nothing short of a revolution. A woman who’s owning and standing in her power, sharing her ideas in her unique way, makes a difference for all of us.

I want that for you too.

So who am I to run this workshop?









Here’s what they commonly say about me in the media…

Tricia Karp is the No 1 Best Selling Author of ‘Own It: Powerful Speaking for Powerful Women’, and ‘Media Talk’. After a media career as a TV and radio news presenter for more than 20 years, Tricia now works as an executive coach and facilitator helping women develop their power and leadership.

Tricia and her work have been featured on Sunrise, The Australian, ABC, 4BC, The Advertiser and many more media outlets.

Tricia is known for her ability to inspire, persuade and generate results for the women she works with. She has a fun style that will enable you to grow in a safe and supportive environment.

“This workshop was life-changing!”

“I really didn’t like speaking in public. It was really difficult for me. But something just shifted for me when I did the workshop with Tricia. It’s quite magical, the whole process. I do a lot of talking for my company and this has made it so much easier. It’s improved the way I present myself in meetings. I have more clarity and I get my point across. I still get nervous beforehand but I don’t try to suppress it and feel like I’m going to pass out (like I used to).  I know how to use that energy now, I’m actually able to do it and know I’m not going to die!  I also tell my story and do my talks in a completely different way. The last one I did was in front of 60 strangers and I’d never been able to do that before. From that presentation I got a board position. That wouldn’t have been possible for me before. Working with Tricia was life-changing.”

Chantale Millard, CFO

“My confidence has greatly improved!”

“Where to start… Tricia is incredible to work with. My expectations were far surpassed and my confidence greatly improved. I now realise that I have a lot to offer as a speaker and team leader. I’ll be able to own and feel proud of my achievements. I’m not exaggerating when I say that the workshop was life-changing.  My confidence in my ability to sell myself to new clients has greatly increased.  It was an incredible three days, and I loved the connection with the other amazing women who participated in the workshop.”

Dorothy Di Stefano, Account Director, Image and Substance

“I broke down some barriers, it’s a wonderful feeling”

 “The rewards are there to be grabbed. The most valuable parts of the workshop for me were understanding that powerful speaking comes from the heart, breaking through uncomfortable barriers has rewards, and working with a group of women can be amazing. I broke down some of my barriers so that I could speak more powerfully, and it’s a really wonderful feeling to come out the other side.”

Rebecca Coombs, Marketing Manager and Business Owner

You can read more testimonials here, and watch video testimonials here and here.

You have something to say

You might not know what that is just yet.  It takes a guided approach and deep digging to discover your message and the presentation you were born to give.

Our work together is designed to move you closer to yourself, the real you that’s innately capable of being a dynamic and brilliant speaker.

It’s a journey to the heart of your purpose and passion, to who you are.  Honouring your gifts, talents and experiences, you’ll discover what is yours to say.

This intensive program will explore your ideas and the stories that only you can share to support them.

Our time together includes coaching, guidance and support from me all the way. I combine the latest executive coaching tools with mythology and the art of storytelling.

In this program, you will:

You will put together everything you learn and present a talk to the group.

You’ll be blown away by how powerfully you speak once you know the message – and wisdom – that are yours to share.

Why do I approach public speaking this way?

It’s very simple.

When you’re speaking about something that’s not connected with your purpose and passion, it’s impossible to access the depth of your brilliance and power.  You’re limited.

But when you discover the message that’s uniquely yours to share, and the stories that do it the most justice, something profound happens.

The inspiring, dynamic and captivating speaker inside you awakens.

Your natural capacity to engage, educate, motivate and persuade your audience is magnified.

Your voice is enlivened and richer.  Your body language is aligned and hits the mark.

Your reach is extended.  You start to attract the audiences who most need to hear your message.

Your ability to make a difference is amplified.

And then, every time you speak in the future, you infuse all your speaking with this freshly understood power, whether you’re on stage presenting to a large audience, or speaking in the boardroom, in an interview, facilitating, pitching for business, talking in a meeting, or even standing up at a networking event.

What about techniques?

Once you understand the message you’re here to share, have uncovered the stories that best support it, and have learnt to access what I call your “power zone,” there’s space to gently introduce techniques – as necessary – to hone and refine.

Introduced too early, techniques hold you back.  They cut off access to the powerful speaker that’s already inside you and waiting to be unleashed.

Is Speak Powerfully! for you?

This workshop is for women who:

You’ll likely come away from our time together saying, as so many women have, “That was profound. It wasn’t what I was expecting. It was amazing. Some big things shifted for me”.

Speak Powerfully! ISN’T for you if you:

For more about what to expect in Speak Powerfully!, please come over here to watch video testimonials.

Why work with a group?

Speak Powerfully! is designed for a small group because of the depth of learning that takes place.

Participants take greater risks, they’re extremely supportive of one another, and the experiences and different perspectives they each bring help to create a rich and rewarding learning environment.

It’s very special to be witnessed by a group – to be seen and heard – when you start to express yourself powerfully.

This simply can’t be created in one-on-one coaching.

It’s also lots of fun, we celebrate and laugh with one another, and friendships are born that continue to flourish after the workshop is over.

Secure your place now

Speak Powerfully! is a two-day workshop in Adelaide happening on November 9 & 10, 2018. It runs from 9am – 5pm each day.

There are limited spaces available. I keep the group small to ensure lots of personal attention so that you get the best results.

You’ll receive full tuition, worksheets, snacks and lunch. Once you’re registered, you’ll be sent a questionnaire, preparation and venue details. If you’re coming from interstate, please get in touch and we can help you with easy accommodation options.

Your investment is $1500 + GST. Easy payment plans are available.

These are the options to secure your place now:

Option 1 – Pay in full

$1500 + GST

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Option 2 – Deposit

$500 + GST deposit, with the balance due 7 days before the workshop starts

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Option 3 – Easy payment plan

3 x monthly payments of $550 + GST

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Please note: There are no refunds or cancellations. When you commit to taking part you are making a commitment to yourself and we are holding your place especially for you. When you book your space you acknowledge these terms and conditions. You can read the full refund policy here.

Questions? You’re absolutely welcome to call me on 0412 810 305 for a chat, or send me an email: tricia [at] triciakarp.com

“I can now speak without notes!”

“I wanted to work with Tricia to unlock my potential. I struggled to find the freedom and confidence to speak without notes and I battled with nerves despite knowing I knew my stuff. Tricia is a unique talent. She is warm and creates a safe environment, but she applies enough pressure to push you into an unfamiliar space which offers significant benefits. The presentation structure that Tricia has developed is simple and was a revelation for me. I can now speak without notes! I can present an engaging talk with short notice and I can structure a meaningful presentation which my audience actually listen to and benefit from. Thanks to Tricia, I believe in myself and my story. Her approach is so different to anything I’ve experienced. It was eye-opening for me, and to watch the other participants go through the same process was amazing.”

Claire Nicholas, Corporate Communications Manager

“I wish I’d done this sooner!”

“I did this workshop to learn how to plan and deliver my signature talk in a meaningful way for prospective clients and key stakeholders. Working with Tricia was intimate, emotional, uplifting and inspiring! I truly understand now what my “value proposition” actually is. When I speak now it’s from my heart and with confidence that my message is unique and resonates with the people I want to work with and the clients I want to attract. I wish I’d done this sooner!

Helen Janetzki, Director

The time has come

If you’re holding yourself back – in your work, your life – and you have something to say, the world needs to hear it.

Come and learn how to speak like you mean business. We’re ready for you!

Want to join us but can think of so many reasons not to?

Are you feeling the pull of Yes, I want this!  followed by I can’t really afford it or I don’t have time right now or This is too scary?

When you choose to step up to the next level and invest in yourself, life will meet you there.  People will take more notice of you, your message, and your expertise. You’ll gain greater levels of trust and respect. You’ll create a lot more impact every time you speak.

I know there’s a brilliant speaker inside you.

I want you to know the freedom, soul-satisfaction and excitement that come from powerfully sharing your message with an audience that needs to hear it.

I invite you to say yes to yourself and step in.

You’ll watch and feel your anxiety about public speaking dissolve as you align with your values and wisdom, and the stories you’re here to tell.

Secure your place now

Option 1 – Pay in full

$1500 + GST

[simpay id=”4234″]

Option 2 – Deposit

$500 + GST deposit, with the balance due 7 days before the workshop starts

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Option 3 – Easy payment plan

3 x monthly payments of $550 + GST

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“Working with Tricia launched my speaking career”

“When I decided to work with Tricia, I knew what I wanted to say but just had no idea how to structure my speech or where to begin. Tricia helped me put together all the pieces of the puzzle into one flowing talk. I learnt how to speak from a place of ‘realness’. What shifted for me most was knowing I can now present in front of an audience without notes, and just go for it and feel confident that what I’m saying will impact people positively. After working with Tricia, nothing is holding me back. There are no limits. Speaking publicly about Body Image Movement has taken on a new dimension.”

Taryn Brumfitt, Founder of Body Image Movement

“The workshop was transformational”

“Before I worked with Tricia I didn’t mind talking in front of people but I was very nervous about it and didn’t look forward to it at all. I know now that I have a message that I can share and that people want to listen to, and I certainly won’t be approaching presenting with fear. Working with Tricia is an absolute delight. The workshop was so much more than I was expecting, and Tricia has a radiance and a warmth and a beauty that brings everyone in and makes everyone feel comfortable. The workshop was transformational.”

Carolyn Parrella, Executive Manager

“I spoke without the need of notes”

I felt like I had a powerful message to deliver but I had always been nervous at the idea of having to stand free of a lectern or speech notes and talk to an audience for 30 or 40 minutes. Working with Tricia has given me the ability to effectively prepare a powerful presentation, and the ability to deliver that presentation with confidence, and without the need of notes; something I once thought not possible! I have walked away with a new found ‘zest’ and self-confidence! Not just in my ability to speak publicly and powerfully, but in my belief that I have a story that is worth telling, and that subsequently, I have the ability to help others by sharing my wisdom. Working with Tricia was truly fantastic!”

Hannah Davis, Australian Olympic Medallist

You can read more testimonials here, and watch video testimonials here.