Powerful Speaking for Powerful Women

Tricia Karp

How to speak from your POWER zone

The zone I need to be in for conversations that are confronting and aren’t easy to navigate, and for speaking to an audience, is what I call my POWER zone.  

It’s something I teach my clients and it changes everything.

I have no interest in teaching a bunch of speaking skills that take you further away from yourself and leave you unable to connect with the person with whom you’re speaking or an audience. That never works and defeats the purpose (this is all about connection). I’m much more interested in guiding you to the heart of your power – your POWER zone. From there, you naturally speak powerfully, own the room, and hold an audience in the palm of your hand. You magnetise people to you. You sell without selling, if that’s what you want to do. And you open people’s minds and touch their hearts and make the difference you’re here to make with your talks. All by owning and standing in your power. Your POWER zone.

When you need to have a challenging conversation like asking for what you want, speaking your truth, negotiating, or managing conflict (the discussions so many of us find really difficult) it’s crucial that you own and stand in your power. That might mean getting comfortable with vulnerability and silences, being steady in your energy and voice, knowing when to speak and when not to, knowing when to be flexible and when not to, focusing on the relationship with the person with whom you’re speaking with the goal of strengthening rather than damaging it, and listening to the words that are being spoken as well as more deeply to what’s going on and perhaps not being said. There’s a lot to think about. And yet, when you’re connected with your power – in your POWER zone – you’re much more likely to achieve what you want in the conversation without having to think too much at all. There’s a flow of natural powerful inner knowing that will guide and serve you (disclaimer: I’m human and so are you. I don’t always get it right. When I make sure I’m in my power zone before a conversation though I do a zillion times better than when I’m not).

So that’s what this video is about – your POWER zone and how to access it: