Powerful Speaking for Powerful Women

Tricia Karp

Once upon a time there was a world where people weren’t inspired by their leaders.

Conversations about what was really happening were rare. Boring presentations fell on deaf ears. Little changed. Differences weren’t made. And people longed, deep down, to be inspired, engaged and be part of something that truly mattered.

In that world, no-one knew about the three Ps. If they had, especially the leaders, everyone’s work relationships – all their relationships! – would have been much, much better.

People would have been inspired. Genuine connection would have taken place in conversations with surprisingly positive results. Presentations would have captivated audiences and made a difference. People would have felt as though they mattered, and workplaces would have been more collaborative and happier.

If only those leaders had known about the three Ps.

Do you know about them? If not, here they are. My gift to you. Use them. Connect and make a difference. Please.


For the love of French champagne and dark chocolate, lead with purpose every time you have something to say.

Be clear about how you want to be perceived, and then communicate in ways that ensure that perception. Align your thoughts and desires with your words and actions.

Want to use a tough conversation as a learning opportunity? Be calm and sincere when you speak.

Want to inspire your audience? Be inspired yourself.

You need finely tuned self-awareness for this, and an understanding of the impact you have on others.

Make the effort to clarify your purpose first.


This is the step so often missed, usually because it’s rarely used effectively and its importance isn’t understood.

You need to be knowable and approachable. You need to forge strong relationships. You need to focus on others by cultivating empathy and trust. Sometimes it might even be appropriate and necessary to share how you feel.

People want to work with people they like and trust.

Tell your personal stories. Share your own experiences, especially if they took you through something difficult and you came out the other side with insights that could be helpful to others.

Great presence – and connection – is created by a balanced combination of power and humanity.

Always find a way to put yourself into the conversation or presentation. Always.


The final step is communicating in a way that moves others to action.

Be passionate and energetic. Share your vision in a way that shows how much it means to you. Studies show that passion is contagious.

Use powerful language. Choose “I will” over “I might”. Be bold.

So, which relationships are lacking connection right now? Identify them, get clear on your purpose, and go forth and connection. And, make a difference.