Powerful Speaking for Powerful Women

Tricia Karp

When you come to me for a reading something magical happens.

Using your chart, I can see a blueprint of your soul. I can see your life story, the one you’re called to live. I can see the essence of who you truly are.

Specifically I can see:

During the past 20 years I’ve read for hundreds of clients. I worked as the resident astrologer at Olivia Newton-John’s Gaia Retreat in Byron Bay, and also saw clients at the exclusive Rae’s on Wategos and the Byron at Byron Resort. I’ve read for many celebrity clients, including P!nk and Olivia herself. I’ve also appeared regularly on radio 4BC talking about the stars.

My clients often experience breakthroughs. Some cry. They all say they feel deeply affirmed.

I am eternally grateful for the timing of my astrology session with Tricia. Life has been an absolute whirlwind of events since that life-changing session. I doubt I would be making decisions so rooted in conscious self-care without it. I can’t imagine anyone approaching me with more sensitivity and gentle strength as we looked at some major life events. The clarity and insight offered have been hugely beneficial. The session offered structure in the midst of chaos, a grounding point. Exactly what I needed to move forward with intention and to create the life I truly want. Sometimes, with the right conditions, behavioural changes can happen in an instant. That’s how I feel about my experience with Tricia.

~ Amy Rootvik, Health Coach

After hearing Tricia’s interpretation of my astrology chart I had such clarity and confirmation about my life, why things were the way they were and what was unfolding for the year ahead. I felt like the fog had lifted and I could see clearly what needed to be done and inspired to take action knowing that the time was ripe. Tricia has a sharp intuition and a gorgeous, compassionate, clear and concise way of delivering her readings. She is obviously highly trained with an innate, intimate and deep understanding of astrology. I highly recommend her.

~ Cyd Crossman, Artist

I had never had an astrology reading before. At this point in my life, as I was coming out of a difficult period,  I was searching for something and wondered if this would assist my healing, direction and belief. I was so overwhelmed by Tricia’s description of my journey. It affirmed my inner spirit, that I am meant to be this way! It also explained the dichotomy I face when I am pushed in different directions. And the reading provided me permission to continue to be myself, that this is my journey and I have more to accomplish. I now feel free to be who I am, to nurture the aspects of my life that will enable me to be true to myself. Tricia’s calmness and relaxing, comforting zone in her voice made me feel very at ease in the session. The impact and influence of the planets in my life was fascinating. I particularly liked the bits where we both laughed! There is so much to be achieved through an astrology reading that professional development could not reach. It was well worth the investment.

~ Janette Gogler, Chief Nursing Information Officer

The wonderful thing about astrology is that it can provide a sense of relief that you’re exactly who you need to be and where you need to be.

And your challenges and wounds? They’re part of your story too, ready to be claimed for the ways they serve your wholeness.

What I love about astrology is its ability to transform fear and doubt into purpose and freedom.

It helps you to work with changes that are happening in your world now, and prepare for those that are on their way.

When you learn to work with the timing astrology offers, your life can flow with greater ease.

In a session we always look at the cycles that are influencing you right now and in the next 12 months. Because magic happens when you have your tools ready, the timing is right, and what you want is aligned with what you’re here for in your life.

The benefits you can expect from a session

When you show up for our time together, here are some of the results you can expect:

All in all? You can use the wisdom of astrology to create a more soul-satisfying life.

My approach

My approach to your session is based on Shamanic Astrology, for its ability to honour your feminine power and wisdom, and recognition of why and how it’s needed in our world.

Shamanic Astrology doesn’t judge, discriminate or shove down what often isn’t considered acceptable for women – or men – in our patriarchal culture.

I also draw on the goddess archetypes, mythology, women’s ritual work, and feminist writers.

This is sacred, intimate time devoted entirely to you.

It’s also a kind of astrology you’ve likely never experienced before.

Why I could be the perfect guide for you

I have laser-sharp intuition, and am a skilled navigator of the inner and outer realms.

I’m also a practical strategist, focused on smart and wise action to help you create the outcomes you want.

I ask the tough questions designed to illicit the answers you really need to make the changes you most desire and dream about.

I’ve worked with hundreds and hundreds of women to help them realise their purpose and power.

I’m known for creating a safe space for my clients to express themselves openly and honestly, and go deep to transform what’s holding them back.

My goal is to make your session inspiring, accessible, practical and useful for you.

Tricia’s reading was insightful and inspiring. It gave me a great deal to think about and look towards. Intuitive, articulate, exceptionally trained and researched, Tricia is a gift astrologer. Time with her is to be treasured.

~ Nuala Hafner, Media Personality

Tricia identified exactly what was happening for me in my life, and at a very deep level, helped me to prepare for the changes ahead. So far her predictions have been spot on!

~ Susanna Carman, Leadership Consultant

I have been the beneficiary of Tricia’s astrology services for many years. Tricia has provided me with insights into my personality and life purpose as well as predictions on the best timing for decisions relating to my life, work and relationships. She also has provided me with specialised services such as relationship and children’s charts. There are times when I have deeply personal dilemmas that I explore in Tricia’s sessions. As well as being very grounded in her approach, Tricia always makes me feel very comfortable and relaxed. I can explore any topic and her insights are sensitive, objective and empathetic. In these sessions I feel very supported to gather the information necessary to take a proactive approach to opportunities, challenges and change in my personal and work life.

~ Melanie Manton, Psychotherapist and Mediator

You can read more testimonials from my clients here.

How it works

Once you’ve selected your session time and paid for it, you’ll be emailed a questionnaire within 24 hours.

You’ll be asked to fill out your birth date, time, and the town or city where you were born. Ideally the birth time will be exact, but if it’s not we can still work together.

I ask that you please give as much detail as you can with your answers on the questionnaire. Thank you.

I will prepare your chart before our session together.

Let’s do this!

There are three ways we can work together:

1. Reading: Power, Purpose & Magic

This is a 60 minute session where we dive deep into your chart.

These sessions take place over Skype, and you’ll receive a recording afterwards.

Your investment: AUD $297 + GST

To book your session, please call me on 0412 810 305 (within Australia) or email support [at] triciakarp.com

2. VIP Intensive: Power, Purpose & Magic

After a reading, you can have every intention to focus on what you want and need, and to go and make changes… and then life takes over.

This three-hour session includes:

This session is great if you mean business about making change and just need a little accountability.

Your investment: AUD $555 + GST

Please email for availability at support [at] triciakarp.com

3. Coaching & Mentoring: Power, Purpose & Magic

This is a 3-month commitment to yourself, your life and your truth.

This program includes:

Together we’ll identify one or two areas you want to focus on in your life, guided by where you’re at and what your chart is showing you for your greatest alignment.

This might be in your career or business, a relationship, or perhaps your health.

Then we’ll hatch an action plan.

We’ll have 5 x 45-60 minute coaching sessions together.

Between sessions you’ll implement what’s identified that’s needed. You’ll also have access to my private email address so you can send through any questions.

You can expect profound shifts during our 3-months working together.

We’ll work with your life purpose using the best timing that’s identified in your chart, to try to create some magic.

I want you to know: the magic might not be what you expect or what you think it should be. It will be what’s right for your truth though, and it will create more flow in your life.

This program is great for women who are serious about living more closely aligned with who they truly are, and are ready to make changes with lots of support and love along the way.

Your investment: AUD $1597 + GST

I have a limited number of coaching program spots available. Please email me for availability at support [at] triciakarp.com