Free Teleclass: How to Stand in Your Power

Feeling held back by self-doubt, a lack of courage, or having trouble trusting yourself?

Discover how to stand in your power, so you can speak and lead powerfully and create more of what you want in your work and life.

When: Wednesday March 21st
Time: 11am (Adelaide), 11.30am (Melbourne, Sydney), 5.30pm Los Angeles

In this free teleclass you'll learn:

  • The strategy most of us use that's stopping us from accessing our true power - and the new one that will take you to the heart of your power 
  • My number 1 practice for re-aligning with your power when you're stuck in self-doubt (and don't know the way out)
  • How to begin getting clear about what you really want (not as easy as it sounds), so you can start to create it  
  • I'll also preview my upcoming Powershot Circles program and answer your questions   

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Tricia Karp, Powerful Speaking for Powerful Women 

This is the first time I'm sharing some of the exact methods I'll be teaching in my upcoming Powershot Circles program to help you stand in your power.

If you can't make this teleclass live, please still sign up and I'll send you a recording shortly afterwards. The world needs more powerful women. I look forward to helping you stand in your power so you can create more of what you want in your work and life.

Speak to you soon!