Tricia Karp Tricia Karp
16 March 2016

How to shift from fear to power as a speaker

I can’t tell you how many clients say this to me: “Could you please help me get rid of my nerves/stress/fear/anxiety about public speaking.”

As someone who quit piano lessons as a kid because I was so terrified by performing at the once-a-year recital, and who never dared to put up her hand at school to answer a question in case I got it wrong and made a fool of myself, I understand the pain.

I have a solution to help you move past fear. Yes, a solution. It really does work.

In today’s video, I share with you a very simple mindset shift that will make you forget about fear, and step into your power. 

Watch and learn how to do it (truly, it’s simple):

If you want to dive deeper into what I’ve covered in the video, click the link below for a free Breakthrough Session with me. We’ll look at where you’re at as a powerful speaker (or not) and where you want to be. I’ll also lock down the next steps for you. No strings attached. Book your call here:

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