Powerful Speaking for Powerful Women

Tricia Karp

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There are plenty of people who do what you do.

People who’ve earned the same credentials as you, have been taught by the same teachers, have taken a similar career path, have worked with the same clients, and have as much experience as you.

It’s true too that only you can do what you do in exactly the way you do it.  Only you can tell your stories.  They belong solely to you.  I’m talking about the stories that showcase your experiences, expertise, genius, lessons, insights, and wisdom.

Your stories are dripping with diamonds.  They make you unique.  And they’re what you need to share if you’re to become an expert in the art of connection, and build your image, credibility and brand as a speaker.

It goes without saying – but I’ll say it anyway – that when you tell your stories, you need to be yourself.

I know, you’ve heard this before.  The thing is, so many people, once they get up to speak, somehow magically morph into the type of person they think a speaker ‘should’ be.

They also have a notion that if they’re to come across as an ‘expert’ they’d better behave like one (however they think an expert ‘should’ behave).

That’s rubbish.  Our most important lessons aren’t easily learnt.  Our paths are rarely straight.

Life’s scars are our greatest teachings, our richness, and the best legacy we can leave.  Tell the truth. Be vulnerable.  Show yourself.

You can only be captivating when your message is congruent with who you truly are.

Own it. Flaunt it. Enjoy it. Stand proud.

Remember, without your stories, you’re just like so very many other people.

I want more for you.  Tell your stories and be yourself.

About the author

Tricia Karp is dedicated to helping women develop their power and leadership through powerful self-expression.  She’s the founder of www.TriciaKarp.com, where Tricia shares her strategies and wisdom for becoming a world class speaker and communicator.

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