Powerful Speaking for Powerful Women

Tricia Karp

My eight year-old daughter tells me that at least half the boys in her class have a crush on her.

Recently, that was evidenced by five of them piling on top of her, sitting in a chair, and trying to kiss her.

One of those boys wrote a note to her, a little while ago, that I found while cleaning out all the bits and pieces of paper, small stones, bent pipe cleaners, patty pan cases, erasers and craft (she’s like a bower bird) from her school bag.

I held that note to my heart, and swooned. I sent a message to the boy’s mum to tell her how adorable and gorgeous her son is. And I sneakily took that note and kept it all for myself, knowing it could never mean to my girl what it meant to me.

This is what it said: “Every day you play with me and I like that. For …… from ……”

Deeply personal. Real and honest. And a rarity, especially in workplaces.

Your willingness and ability to express sincere appreciation is one of the most valuable skills of leadership communication.

People are inclined to follow those who make them feel good about themselves, and display an honest appreciation for who they are and what they do for the organisation.

What would it be like for your people if you created more moments to say “Every day you …….. and I like that”?

It’s the simple stuff of change that can lead to greater connection, collaboration – and productivity.