Powerful Speaking for Powerful Women

Tricia Karp

I’ve interviewed some big names.  Back in the day, being a journalist afforded me the chance to get up close – though usually not very personal – with Michael Jackson, Shania Twain, former Aussie Prime Ministers Bob Hawke, Paul Keating and John Howard, and members of the band KISS.

Not so long ago, mega star Pink paid cash to spend 90 minutes in a private session with me.  So did Olivia Newton-John.

And there was something extra special about speaking with author Nikki Gemmell, as part of my interview series on power for The Great Power Giveaway (have you entered yet?).

Nikki Gemmell is best known for her internationally best-selling novel The Bride Stripped Bare, which she originally published anonymously.  It’s been described as an erotic phenomenon, and was considered rather wicked when it was first published in 2003 – long before Fifty Shades of Grey.

Then someone spilled the beans on The Bride Stripped Bare’s author.  Nikki describes it as devastating and excruciating.  And now, years on, liberating.

A self-confessed former doormat, with a propensity for saying yes when inside she was screaming to say no, Nikki could be my poster girl for finding her voice and enjoying the fruits of asking for what she wants.

To request the interview, I sent Nikki a cheeky email.  I told her I work with women who are ready to start asking for what they want, to  say no and stop apologising for themselves, so they can take charge and get ahead.

I suggested that as a couple of former doormats, I suspected we had a lot to talk about. I told her that even though she’d discovered the power of no – and oh how I love a beautifully executed no – I was looking forward to hearing her yes.

I was excited to get her response not even an hour later: Absolutely fine, Tricia!  Great idea.  It sounds fascinating and good on you.

We spoke last night.  Nikki was wearing her pyjamas.  She noticed I was wearing lipstick, and agreed to give her son two Tim Tams for running to get her lipstick.  She is such a delight.  I was honoured to chat with her over Skype.  And nervous!

So here she is.  Click play on the video below to hear Nikki Gemmell talk about getting balls, Prime Minister Julia Gillard, goddesses, scandal and the power of honesty.  Oh, and for the first time – yes, this is an exclusive – Nikki reveals the name of her new book in The Bride Stripped Bare trilogy.




You can find out more about Nikki Gemmell here and here, and buy her books at all great book stores, and online at Amazon and Fishpond.

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