Powerful Speaking for Powerful Women

Tricia Karp

What you don’t want to talk about (and why powerful speakers do)

The most powerful speakers understand that strength without vulnerability depletes their power. They also get that vulnerability is a strength. So they do what it takes to stay connected with their truth and they speak it. And they keep speaking, holding firm to the message that matters to them, regardless of other people’s opinions, judgements or agendas. Because the message is too important to buy into that. Far out, that message is no less than what gives them their sense of purpose on this planet.

Public speaking confidence: lessons from a kid who gets it

My daughter loves singing.

This year she joined the Australian Girls Choir. She was asked to audition for a solo in the Winter Showcase Concert, and was awarded a part. At the weekend, in front of more than 800 people, she stood out the front, microphone in hand, and sang her heart out.

Trailblazer? We need you. How to stay on your path

Ever been accused of being idealistic? Rebellious? A renegade? Or wrong, mad, even crazy? I’m fortunate to work with all sorts of leaders who are pushing boundaries and offering new paths for the rest of us to walk that just might make our lives better in all sorts of ways. At times I work intensively […]

Want to inspire? How deep have you dug into your soul?

As soon as I use the word “vulnerable” in a powerful speaking workshop, regardless of who’s in the room, there’s always a noticeable shift in the vibe that feels like a dull thud before protestations begin. Despite vulnerability being a hot topic these days, thanks in massive part to researcher and best-selling author Brene Brown, […]

How to be inspiring

What is it about those leaders others deem inspiring? Having run powerful speaking programs for the past few years, and taught participants how to genuinely connect with their audiences – and even experience the delight and power of holding those audiences in the palm of their hand – I’ve noticed it comes down to just […]

Want to be a brilliant speaker? My Powerful Speaking Secrets video series is here!

Do you get nervous about public speaking?  Stressed, fearful, anxious? I’d love to know… how does the intensity show up for you? And what would you do differently if you could harness your power?  How would you stop holding yourself back? Let me know in the comments below. Next time in the Powerful Speaking Secrets […]