Powerful Speaking for Powerful Women

Tricia Karp

Once upon a time ...In the past week I’ve met with ten different people.  With each one, I spent about an hour or so drinking peppermint tea, chatting, connecting and establishing new business relationships.

Two of those people I remember distinctly.  Each made such an immediate and profound impression on me that I walked away thinking Wow, what an amazing guy.  I feel so grateful to have just spent an hour in his presence.

It’s a feeling that’s lingered for me.  And it’s because of this: Those guys told me stories.  And their tales were infused with passion.

They shared stories that made me smile and laugh.  They delivered anecdotes of achievements that made me feel awe. They spoke of their mission, their drive, their genuine care, all wrapped up in stories I’ll no doubt remember beyond this week and next.

Their stories allowed me to slip my feet into their comfy shoes.  Their stories made them unforgettable.

Now, when someone asks me whether I know anyone who does the kind of work these guys do, guess who’ll instantly come to mind?  Yes, I’ll be recommending them, without hesitation.

When you speak – in a presentation, meeting, interview or pitch – tell a story.

Crafting and delivering a story well can be so compelling that it can turn people into enthusiastic advocates for your goal.

Here’s how to do it:

When you’re given the chance to speak, you have enormous power.  You can inspire, motivate, persuade, influence, fascinate, and change people’s minds.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re speaking to two people or two-thousand.

Ensure you craft and deliver your stories with passion and skill.

About the author

Tricia Karp is dedicated to helping women develop their power and leadership through powerful self-expression.  She’s the founder of www.triciakarp.com, where Tricia shares her strategies and wisdom for becoming a world class speaker and communicator.

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