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Looking for a lively, passionate and inspiring interview about inspirational leadership?

Tricia Karp imagines a world in which leaders lead every time they speak, so that people love going to work, and companies achieve better results.

She teaches leaders how to inspire, cultivate trust and loyalty, and move people from compliance to commitment. She trains, coaches and consults to corporate, political, small business and community leaders.

Tricia developed the Wise Talk Leadership Communication method that decodes how the most successful leaders have the greatest impact when they speak – those with presence and charisma, and the capacity to inspire by sharing their purpose and getting personal. It’s a departure from conventional wisdom, even though it’s solidly grounded in how our brains work.

As a former prime time TV news presenter and journalist, Tricia’s what the media call “good talent.”

Tricia has been seen and heard in various media outlets in Australia and internationally, including here…



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