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Is this you?

You know you have something to offer that the world needs. You want to make a difference with your message and the unique transformation you provide.

You’re ready for the spotlight, and to use speaking to serve more of your ideal clients and grow your business. 

You’re a female entrepreneur or business woman. You’re a high achiever. You’re ready to be known as a thought leader in your field.

You’re invested in your success and don’t mess around or make excuses.

You know that if you want to move ahead in leaps and bounds, you need to put your money where you mouth is, invest in your aspirations, and get to work… because if you say yes to yourself, you’re helping your clients to say yes to themselves too.

You probably also…

Feel unclear about your message, the one that needs to sit at the heart of all your talks and for which you’ll become known.

Don’t have a signature talk, which you’ll need so you can position yourself as the go-to expert in your industry.

Aren’t paralysed by nerves or a lack of confidence when it comes to speaking, and are willing to put yourself out there.

Struggle with how to use speaking to sell, and don’t want to come across as salesy or pushy. In fact, you’d really rather focus on serving than selling, and creating great results for your clients.

Aren’t sure how to land speaking engagements, let alone the right ones.

Shy away from trying to get media attention even though you’d love it to build your visibility and spread your message to a massive audience.

I’m so glad you’re here! 

Welcome. You’ve come to the right place. I do my best work with women like you.

I help ambitious women to claim their place in the spotlight, and speak powerfully, so they can land speaking engagements and get more clients.

It probably won’t surprise you to know that I built my business on speaking, racking up nearly 50 gigs in my first year, including an appearance on national TV, and in newspapers and on radio too.


I gained new clients from 95% of those presentations without any sleazy selling, sold out my workshops, and had a six-figure business within 12 months.

In the beginning, I didn’t even realise I was selling during my talks because I wasn’t trying to and didn’t mean to!

Back then, I was just happy to speak and meet new people and build my network. I thought it was just beginner’s luck that I attracted so many clients.

I’ll never forget being asked by the business development manager of a high profile national women’s mentoring company how I managed to attract so many clients and fill my programs. She told me I was charging more with seemingly less effort than it took to get women through her door.

At the time, I wasn’t really sure how. Yes, I networked a lot, used social media, and sent out a weekly newsletter.

It wasn’t until a few years later, and after working with hundreds and hundreds of clients, that I understood the vast power of my signature POWER system, which builds so much trust with audiences that they want to say yes to themselves, was one of the key secrets to my success.

I believe the world needs more women to own who they are and what they have to offer, so they can spread their message, share their gifts, and make a difference in the lives of others.

There are audiences hungry for your expertise, intelligence and wisdom. There are audiences filled with your ideal clients.

Speaking on stages and in the media is the best way to reach and touch a lot of people all at once.

You can build your business on speaking too.

If we’re the right fit, I’d love to help you skyrocket your powerful speaking – and impact.

I was invited to speak as a global expert on an international stage, and I knew there was something holding me back from how I wanted to project myself and therefore be seen, and I needed input from a professional to unlock this and give me some tough love. Working with Tricia gave me the skills and resources to tap into my blockages and release myself from them. She provided a safe and nurturing environment to overcome them. Now I can call on the tools I’ve been shown to deal with my issues and “stuff” which will invariably come up. And I have the confidence that I know how to handle myself in these situations. Working with Tricia was liberating, inspiring and energising. Best of all, I nailed my talk and had people queuing up to listen to me, and I received rave reviews in publications around the world.

Bec Brideson, Director, Venus Comms

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Back in the old days…

My career began nearly 25 years ago when I landed my first job as a commercial radio news journalist.

Known first and foremost for my voice, I worked as a prime time TV news presenter, voice artist, news director, and corporate communications adviser and presentation skills trainer.

I know what it takes to get your message heard. I know exactly what’s required to ensure your audiences take action. My media career set me up exceptionally well to help you express yourself with authority, be a captivating storyteller, make an impact – and get results. I know what the media will jump at, and what they’ll leave on the “boring” heap (along with most other story ideas and media releases).

I and my work have been featured in international, national and local media outlets, including TV, radio, newspapers and online.

I’ve supported hundreds of women to discover the message they’re born to share, access unprecedented levels of confidence, and put themselves out there on stages and land more speaking engagements.

My clients work in a broad range of careers, and include Olympic sports stars, authors, activists, thought leaders, tribe builders, entrepreneurs and small business owners. Women who’ve worked with me have graced stages around the world, including TEDx, Google Speakers Circuit, Cannes Advertising & Film Festival, Adweek New York, conferences and symposiums, and local community groups and corporate events. Some have  been nominated as amongst the most inspiring women at events on international stages.

I’m the author of two books: “Own It: Powerful Speaking for Powerful Women”, which was a number one bestseller on Amazon, and Media Talk: 35 Secrets You Need To Know Before You Talk To The Media.”

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