It all comes down to this…

I’ve coached hundreds and hundreds of women, and presented to and spoken with hundreds more.

The problem is always the same: they don’t own their power, and they lack confidence.

Whether it’s being a dynamic public speaker or presenting to your boss, promoting yourself and your achievements, asking for a pay rise or negotiating part-time work, instigating a courageous conversation, or networking and leveraging your contacts, the problem is always the same.  When you don’t own it, your ability to make an impact and get results is limited.

You’re invited to discover your power

Have you ever:

  • Said no to a speaking request because you were too nervous, or worried that you wouldn’t do a good enough job?
  • Waited politely to speak during a meeting only to hear someone else offer the idea you had planned to suggest?
  • Found out that a colleague with the same experience and qualifications doing the same job as you is getting a much higher salary because he asked for it, and you didn’t?
  • Watched other women confidently put themselves out there while you held back?
  • Made yourself shrink or played small rather than speak up, for fear of rocking the boat?
If you answered “yes” to any of those questions (as I have to every single one of them), you’re in the right place.

This is where my story meets yours.  I do my best work empowering women to access their authentic power, confidence, voice and presence, so they can become powerful speakers and leaders.

My big “why?”

There are more doors open to you than ever.  So why aren’t you walking through them?

There are more seats at the table.  So why aren’t you claiming yours?

There are audiences hungry for your expertise, intelligence, and wisdom.  So why aren’t you owning that stage and speaking?

I do this work because you have something to say and do.  It matters.  And, the time has come to own it.

The world needs more women to stand up and speak.  The world needs more women who can lead with their values and integrity.  The world needs more people invested in helping others to have the power-to rather than power-over.  

That’s why I do this work.

I’m here to help you:

  • Discover genuine, innate self-confidence
  • Become more visible at work
  • Speak powerfully in presentations, meetings and pitches
  • Create a useful relationship with your “Chief Doubting Officer”
  • Hold yourself accountable for making change
  • Find deeper meaning and purpose
  • Develop and hone your leadership communication skills
  • Master the art of courageous and influencing conversations
  • Deepen your self-awareness and mindfulness
  • Leverage support and build connections
  • Cultivate a more powerful and genuine leadership presence
  • Market yourself in a way that’s aligned with your values and integrity
  • Connect and collaborate

My story

My career began more than 20 years ago when I landed my first job as a commercial radio news journalist.

Known first and foremost for my voice, I worked as a prime time TV news presenter, voice artist, news director, and corporate communications adviser and presentation skills trainer.

I know what it takes to get your message heard.  I know exactly what’s required to ensure your audiences take action.  My media career set me up exceptionally well to help you express yourself with authority, be a captivating storyteller, and make an impact.

As an executive coach, I combine my powerful speaking prowess with the tools to help you unlock the message that’s yours to share, as well as transform the internal road blocks that have held you back, so you can become a compelling speaker who makes a difference with her words.

I also help you navigate your leadership path, with deep inner work to build your self-awareness, change outworn habits and patterns of behaviour, and make new choices to improve your effectiveness.

My clients are women who are committed to their professional and personal development, and understand that working from the inside out promises the type of change that not only makes them more effective, but allows them to live and work in ways that are aligned with their values, meaning, and purpose.

My clients work in a broad range of careers, and include Olympic sports stars, thought leaders, CEOs, small business owners, politicians, corporate managers, teachers and marketers.

I’m known for my gentle yet firm approach.  My ability to create safe, supportive and connected workshop environments for women.  My voice, and the compelling way I use it.  My ability to help women access genuine self-confidence that impacts on what they say, and the way they say it, in every area of their life.  The way I challenge, inspire and motivate.  My warmth and generosity.

Participants in my Powerful Speaking Intensive workshop often tell me the experience was life-changing.

Qualifications & Credentials

  • The Leadership Circle – TLCP, TLCS
  • Accredited Executive Coach Level 1 & 2 – IECL
  • Fierce Conversations certificate
  • Cert IV Training & Assessment
  • BA (Journalism)

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