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Hi, I’m Tricia Karp.

I help women to speak powerfully.

I specialise in public speaking, powerful presence, media training, and writing teaching and coaching. I’m also a published author and speaker.

That’s 100% true. And yet, the women I work with say that what I really do is help women to own who they are, and what they say and do.

I’m all about helping women develop their power and leadership. The work we do together is transformative. Always.

This is why I do what I do…

I believe the world needs more women to stand up and speak about what really matters (hint: it’s not money or power or winning wars in the ways we’ve been taught it should be).

I believe that trying to get more women on boards and into senior leadership positions won’t change a thing if we try to fit in with the ways it’s always been done. It’s time for us to stamp our unique brand of leadership on our missions to make a genuine difference that benefits the world, not just shareholders’ back pockets.

I believe the quality of our voices matters, and we need to speak the truth. Good things might not always happen, but the right things will.

I believe that speaking our truth doesn’t make us “difficult”. I also believe it’s not easier to behave in ways that make other people feel comfortable at the expense of your own truth, even if it sometimes seems like it. Take all the space you need, I say.

I believe there’s nothing wrong with you. Oh, and you don’t need fixing. But deep down, you’ve probably bought into the notion that you do. It likely permeates your ideas, assumptions, habits and beliefs about yourself, and the way you stand up and speak – or keep your mouth shut.

I believe changing your mindset and doing inner work makes the biggest difference, but let’s not pretend it’s entirely up us, individually, and that that’s enough. We’re up against a system designed to make us wrong and keep us silent and small.

I believe we can all be women of influence, far more simply and easily than we realise, if we stay close to our true voice and protect ourselves from getting sucked in to the traps set all around us, especially online.

I believe you have something to say and it matters more than you can know right now.

I believe there are people hungry to learn from your experiences, stories and wisdom.

I believe you are amazing and inspiring and powerful beyond measure.

I believe women’s true voices can change the world.

These are the ways I can help you…

I offer:

  • Workshop programs + retreats in stunning locations where we dive deep and you become a more powerful speaker and writer. In 2017, I’m running programs in Adelaide and Bali
  • Mentoring and private coaching programs
  • Training programs for organisations who are willing to pay more than lip service to developing their leading women, and prepared to confront the truth that women aren’t the problem and don’t need fixing
  • Speaking about owning it, the power of women’s voices, how to become a woman of influence, and leadership
  • A blog and a weekly love letter that I send every Wednesday by email to my subscribers. My love letter contains stories that only my subscribers get. They’re filled with truth and sometimes provocative, always juicy

So if it’s time for you to to stand up and speak up, I just might be the coach for you.


When I decided to work with Tricia, I knew what I wanted to say but just had no idea how to structure my speech or where to begin. Tricia helped me put together all the pieces of the puzzle into one flowing talk. I learnt how to speak from a place of ‘realness’. What shifted for me most was knowing I can now present in front of an audience without notes, and just go for it and feel confident that what I’m saying will impact people positively. After working with Tricia, nothing is holding me back. There are no limits. Speaking publicly about Body Image Movement has taken on a new dimension.

~ Taryn Brumfitt, Author, Speaker & Founder, Body Image Movement

I was invited to speak as a global expert on an international stage, and I knew there was something holding me back from how I wanted to project myself and therefore be seen, and I needed input from a professional to unlock this and give me some tough love. Working with Tricia gave me the skills and resources to tap into my blockages and release myself from them. She provided a safe and nurturing environment to overcome them. Now I can call on the tools I’ve been shown to deal with my issues and “stuff” which will invariably come up. And I have the confidence that I know how to handle myself in these situations. Working with Tricia was liberating, inspiring and energising. Best of all, I nailed my talk and had people queuing up to listen to me, and I received rave reviews in publications around the world.

~ Bec Brideson, Director, Venus Comms

Here’s what you’ll get when we work together…

Access to the most powerful version of your voice.

More genuine confidence to stand up and speak up. I guarantee you this is different from faking it until you make it.

A whole lot more ownership of your magnificence, and a lot less buying into ideas that you’re not enough.

Clarity on what’s yours to say and how best to say it to make the most impact and get the best results.

My undivided attention and presence.

I’m known for my warmth and humour, and creating safe and supportive workshop and coaching spaces that give you full permission to speak, without judgement.








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