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_f0a6434fHi, I’m Tricia Karp.

I help women to speak powerfully.

From discovering and using your voice in every part of your life – at work, home, with your partner, family and friends – to being a powerful public speaker on stage or in a media interview, I’m here for you.

The women I work with say I help them own who they are, and what they say and do.

This is why I do what I do…

I believe, at our core, we want peace and freedom to be ourselves and speak up.

I believe the world needs more women to stand up and speak about what really matters (hint: it’s not money or power or winning wars in the ways we’ve been taught it should be).

I believe that trying to get more women on boards and into senior leadership positions won’t change a thing if we try to fit in with the ways it’s always been done. It’s time for us to stamp our unique brand of leadership on our missions to make a genuine difference that benefits the world, not just shareholders’ back pockets.

I believe the quality of our voices matters, and we need to speak the truth. Good things might not always happen, but the right things will.

I believe that speaking our truth doesn’t make us “difficult”. I also believe it’s not easier to behave in ways that make other people feel comfortable at the expense of your own truth, even if it sometimes seems like it. Take all the space you need, I say.

I believe there’s nothing wrong with you. You don’t need fixing. But deep down, you’ve probably bought into the notion that you do. It likely permeates your ideas, assumptions, habits and beliefs about yourself, and the way you stand up and speak – or keep your mouth shut.

I believe changing your mindset and doing inner work makes the biggest difference, but let’s not pretend it’s entirely up us, individually, and that that’s enough. We’re up against a system designed to keep us silent and small.

I believe we can all be women of influence, far more simply and easily than we realise, if we stay close to our true voice and protect ourselves from getting sucked in to the traps set all around us.

I believe we’re better together, when we support one another as a community.

I believe you have something to say and it matters more than you can know right now.

I believe there are people hungry to learn from your experiences, stories and wisdom.

I believe you are amazing and inspiring and powerful beyond measure.

I believe women’s true voices can change the world.

I’m declaring:

As women, we resist our programming to be good, quiet and small.

We will find our voice and speak up, and keep finding our voice and speaking up.

We don’t want to hold back or be held back any longer by a culture that prefers and perpetuates the status quo of Programmed Women. We want to own our power and speak powerfully.

We know it’s often not easy, and while we don’t want our truth to upset anyone else, we believe that what’s most necessary for our peace and freedom is to live at the centre of our own lives. We’ll do what it takes.

We’re not anti-men. There are men who care deeply about us and our mission, heart and soul. It’s the culture of Programmed Women we resist, to which we’ve unconsciously conformed. We won’t do that anymore.

We want the peace and freedom that come from speaking and living our truth, for ourselves, our daughters, girls and women – and men – everywhere.

We believe in the power of community and we’ll do this together.

If you’re feeling me, and you know deep down that it’s time for you to to stand up and speak up, I just might be the coach for you.

These are the ways I can help you…

  • I run training programs for organisations who are willing to pay more than lip service to developing their leading women, and prepared to confront the reality that women aren’t the problem and don’t need fixing
  • I write a blog and a love letter that I send most Wednesdays by email. My love letter contains stories that only my subscribers get. They’re filled with truth and always juicy. I promise. You can subscribe here.

In a past life…

_f0a6369fxI was a very good girl working in the media for 20 years, and perfected the role of performing in all the ways expected of me.

Known for my voice, I had a charmed media career. I started out as a cadet journalist and newsreader at the number one rating commercial radio station in my city before I’d even finished my university degree. After being heard on air, I was offered a job in commercial TV, first as a reporter, and eventually as a prime time presenter reading the 6pm weekend news. After just six weeks on air, I was awarded Best Newsreader in the Clear Speech Awards. I also worked as a current affairs journalist, news director and professional voice artist.

Working in the media allowed me to see a lot of life and interview all sorts of people, from prime ministers to rock stars, victims of terrible tragedies, politicians, activists, community leaders, and plenty of ordinary people who’d suddenly found themselves in the public eye for a moment or two. It saw me do some things that made me feel very uncomfortable, not that I would have dared to speak up.

Working in the media also allowed me to play the bizarre role of TV presenter, with my perfect hair and make-up and suit jackets, suddenly “important” to people who’d never taken much notice of me before, and signing autographs at events for “fans”.

I left the media because I was no longer prepared to be shoved in the box expected of me. People were astonished that I quit, right at the time when I was perceived to have “made it” in my career.

I left because the world isn’t as black and white as is portrayed by the media, and I could no longer stand contributing towards and perpetuating fear, scarcity, division and propaganda.

I left because I’d started to discover my own true voice (it was such a relief), and I wanted to be myself and do work that I felt was truly useful.

If I’d stayed in the job, I’d now be presenting a prime time weeknight current affairs show and earning big bucks. I’m so glad I’m not.

I wouldn’t say I’m a reformed good girl. I’m not sure that’s possible. Being a pleaser runs deep, and it’s a story that’s eons old.

I will say that I’m committed to staying close to my true voice, living at the centre of my own life, and having the courage to speak up – especially when it feels scary and hard.

These are my formal qualifications:

Here’s what you’ll get when we work together…

My full presence. Insightful questions. Deep intuition. Love and care. Access to the most powerful version of your voice.

I’m known for my extraordinary warmth, easy laugh and humour. I’m also direct and no-nonsense, and see through to the parts you’re longing to let go of or let rip.

I want for you to become a powerful speaker and woman as much as you do. One more of us choosing peace and freedom over good and should makes a difference – for all of us.

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